Exchange account. E-mail application shuts down

I’ve got the same problem (App E-Mail exchange crashes every time) even with the newest Fairphone OS 17.10.2 (Android 6.0) . I hope that someone find a solution.

same pb with FP Open (6.0.1 FP2 fp2.sibon-17.11.2).
I tried K-9 mail, but exchange connexion didn’t work too.

Somewhere I read that “Android System Webview” has something to do with these crashes. (It is a system app from Google that provides the feature to show web content to other apps.)

Maybe it helps to get the latest version of this system app and try again.

try the following:

  • delete the exchange account on your phone
  • purge cache and data of the corresponding E-Mail App(s)
  • IMPORTANT: ask your exchange admin to delete your old FP2 entry via the exchange admin console

Then setup your exchange account again.

Hi everybody,

none of the mentioned workarounds work for me. Regarding this I opened an issue:
But without feedback.
Is there any chance to get exchange-Mail running on Fairphone Open OS without Google/Play Store and installing another app?
Is there a way to get it running with k9?

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@hanterlantant: What you wish for is not possible.

All Microsoft Exchange protocols are proprietary. Microsoft won’t make them open unless you pay. So every open implementation of Exchange would have to be reverse engineered and also would be illegal. Hence, there won’t be a open or free solution to use Exchange.

I would suggest this is also the reason for the bug: I suggest the Exchange implementation is part of the Google Mail App and not part of Open OS Android. And that’s also the part missing, when you try to connect from Open OS to any Exchange-Server, leading to a crash.

IMAP is an open protocol. Ask your admin if you can use IMAP to connect to your Exchange account. But forget about Exchange contacts, tasks and calendar, as Microsoft is not willing to offer open standards to use them…

After reading Kimsmile’s remark about Microsoft Exchange protocols, I’ve decided to try the Outlook App, installed via the Yalp store.

Outlook app works with FP Open 18, so it gives me access to my businesss Exchange Server with e-mails, contacts and calendar.

I now have a mix between open and proprietary software on my phone, but at least I can keep FP Open.

Thanks @hanterlantant for creating the issue. This affects me too. For what it’s worth, the same (?) crash also occurs when going to All apps > Settings > Accounts > add a new exchange account.

@hanterlantant, I just looked at the stack trace you provided. Looks like the root cause is this:

Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: getDeviceId: Neither user 10037 nor current process has android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE.

Maybe it would be possible to manually give that permission to the Email app? Somewhere in Settings > Apps…

Anyway something to try out. I don’t have the Fairphone with me currently, but maybe some other affected person can try?

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Your comment made sense 15 years ago. Nowadays, not so much. Reverse engineering is completely legal following clean room design and multiple implementations exist. Things like have worked well for over 10 years, and are widely in use in organisations.

It is a bug.

Hello hello,

Owner of a brand new FP2, installed FP Open 18.02.0 to see what there is to see…
But I’m stuck with the basics.
I’m trying to setup an Exchange email account with the Email app. Everything seems to be entered the same as with my Samsung / Android 5.1.1, user name, exchange server, use secure connection SSL, port 443 (not asked in Samsung email app, btw) and in the end I get a prompt “Unfortunately, Email has stopped”. What’s with it?

Adding a hotmail account was ok, no issues.

I’ve moved your post to the relevant discussion topic.
TLDR: It seems the only solution for now is using a different e-mail app.

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I really appreciate the effort made by the community and love Fairphone open. But it’s really sad to be forced to use proprietary e-mail app.
It would be great to get a solution for exchange account.

You are forcing yourself by choosing a proprietary email account.

I would say it’s an hybrid mail services.
Exchange on the surface, but data hosted in France.
Would have been great to work with FP open.

thank you for your answer.

Hi there,

it appears pretty much as if this problem has been persisting for quite a while now. Same thing here:
I got an new FP2 with Android 6.0.1. Setting up POP email accounts was no problem from either the “generic” (not gMail) e-mail app as well as from Accounts in Settings (or precisely: “Konten” in “Einstellungen”).

As my employer uses Exchange though (not my decision, that is to say), I tried to set up this in the same fashion as on my FP1, but after some time of trying to do something, I only get a message like “E-Mail was terminated”. I tried various syntax Versions of the domain / user name combination, to no avail.

When using Microsofts Outlook app, everything worked fine, no questions asked. Though not what I look for, this would be an acceptable workaround for the time being, where it not for the synchronization of contacts that is still missing here. Outlook “lives” in a bubble of its own on my phone without connecting to the rest of the little Android world (meaning the POP email and Exchange e-mail don’t even share the same Contacts).

To me, too, this seems to be a software glitch in the programming of the Accounts part of this Android Version. Is there reason to hop for a remedy?

Kind regards


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