Camera won't take a photo, says SD card is full

I am unable to take any photographs on my FP3. It has been working fine for a year, then stopped working yesterday.

On opening the camera I get the following message:
“Your SD card is running out of space. Change the quality setting or delete some images or other files.”

The problem here is that I do not use an SD card with my phone, never have, and there is plenty of internal storage space available.

Running Android 10, latest available update as of today.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


You say there is plenty of space but the OS keeps an amount in reserve.
What storage have you used, this is a 64Gb memory?

Have you emptied the image bin? You can clear the caches of the apps etc to see if that helps. If you don’t need all you phone logs etc. you can delete them . . . .

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Hey, thanks for the response and suggestions. Yes, it is 64Gb but I have just over 5Gb free space.

Can you please tell me how to empty the image bin? Just to be sure I’ve taken care of that.

If you are using the default app :Photos: click on the hamburger menu top left > Bin > by the Select there are three dots > click on the dots then > Empty bin

See if that helps.

Yes surprisingly 5G is probably saved as spare for the RAM overflow.

If you do decide to use an SD card make sure you use/format it as external storage.


We have had someone else here in this forum who also had only 5 GB still available. His problems stopped after he freed up a healthy amount of storage.

Please bear in mind the term “sdcard” does not necessarily refer to an actual SD card that you inserted into the device. In Android’s file structure, “sdcard” often represents the built-in internal storage while an added SD card often goes by “sdcard1” or “externalsd” or similar.


Thank you both for the suggestions.

I cleared the camera app’s cache and app data and that resolved the issue.


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