Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 3 not working

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Thanks! the fairphone website version never works for me FP3 but the other one does.

I’m surprised that the guide doesn’t give the alternative right there as it is an known issue :thinking:

Hello Kollimatorn,
I agree it is surprising as many people will have the same issue, quite a waste of time for everyone, luckily if you have the time the forums work fairly well . Cheers.

Hello everyone.

I have (almost) the same problem as paul-antoine, I’m trying to install /e/OS on my FP3 with the Easy Installer.

I am at the “unlocking bootloader code” step, and after getting the code at FP3 'verify code' generator (the Fairphone site dosen’t work for me to get the code), I’m blocked with the same message “Processing…”.

[Edit: The Fairphone site gaves me one finally, but it takes several time to show it… and still change nothing, same “Processing…” message]

I read all the topics, my phone is connected to internet by Wi-Fi but it’s still blocked for now.

Have you got any news about that problem, please ?

Yea same problem here. I made a new post about it since it seems to be a slightly different problem.


Ok, I contacted the support about that, maybe they will have a solution.

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So I assume you also read this topic…

…and it neither works this time?

Sorry, english is not my native language.
I meant, all the messages of this topic.

The topic you mentioned will not help me, because I can get a bootloader code, it’s just on my phone the process is not responding after the message “Processing…”.
I tried, just for testing, random codes and it is the same message each time.

I will try again later during this week.

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