Can't get my boot unlock code


I’m trying to get a bootloader Unlocking code for my FairPhone 3.

I tried : Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 3 - Fairphone

But I’m not getting anything (I did get a code once, but not working)


I also tried this site :

It gave me a code (another one)

So I went to parameters, activate dev options, debbug mode.
When I try to enable OEM Unlock I get the first form that I fill with my security code.

Then I get the “Input Verify Code”’.

I tried both of my codes. But it stays on “processing…” forever. I don’t even get an error.

Any idea?

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The error code is not the same, but still sounds similar, so did you try out what’s mentioned here?


Does the phone have an internet connection when it says “processing…”?


I assumed it must been more complicated than just this… I was wrong!

thanks a lot!


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