Problems with OEM unlock

I have the Fairphone 3 the OEM-Enstperrung is OK, the Statun on Fastboot is Locked ???

Not sure I understood you correctly, but enabling the OEM Unlock in the developer settings only gives permission to do the unlock. This is step 2 in Manage the bootloader of your FP3/FP3+ – Support

The unlock itself then has to be done via fastboot. This is step 3 of the instructions.

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Yes all this, i have make, the Status, in Fastboot is Locked.

Screenshots would help perhaps.

Ok, this means you successfully entered the command fastboot oem unlock and got no error message?
And after that you successfully selected “YES” on the phone via volume and power button?

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This function all not.

On my computer i can not flash on the Win 10 in Fastboot, no functional driver, i have all tested, only Win 7 64Bit works, this is an very buggy work. I have an i 9 14 Core and X299 Chipset.

Your link doesn’t work without signing in to Google.

BTW, I have the impression that English might not be your first language. If you feel more comfortable in your native tongue you could start a new topic in your own language.

I have corrected you must test this.

Thanks, now I can access the screenshots.

Unfortunately they don’t answer my previous questions.

How did you do the unlock via fastboot?
If you say you followed the instructions of the Fairphone support to the letter I’m rather sure you can’t end up with your second screenshot.

I have the latest version Android 10, you mus test with german Version Deutsch Schweiz: here is an Video from unlock: Unlock Fairphone 3 Android 10 funtion not 27 Feb 2021 - YouTube

That’s not a video of the unlocking.
That’s a video showing that unlocking is enabled on your phone (= you are allowed to unlock it) and that you can boot the phone into Fastboot Mode.
Now you have to do the actual unlocking.

In Fairphone’s guide this is step "3. Unlock your bootloader".
What happens when you do this?

By the way, if you don’t want to create a German topic for this, you could use an online translator like I think this would improve our understanding here.

i have make with Power of and ADB Driver Fastboot oem unlock enter Volume - and Power after is unlocked, this is very complicated. I wil install the Android 9 Stock Rom, the Android 10 is very buggy and shitty, for my is better. Very complicated Downgrade. The Version 9 120 i can reflash easly, wenn the Fairphone 3 function not, For mi is important, tat the Service is easy.

Just to give you an idea … translates this to

“Ich habe machen mit Power of und ADB-Treiber Fastboot oem unlock geben Volume - und Power nach entsperrt ist, ist dies sehr kompliziert.”

If this makes sense to yourself, then Herzlichen Glückwunsch.
(And this is not’s fault.)

I have make all with Win 7 64Bit, now way in Win 10, the fastboot driver work not on my Computer, that must Fairphon make betther for the future.

Fairphone is not responsible for the driver situation on your computer.
My Windows 10 works totally fine with fastboot.

You should not feed “them”! :wink:

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It’s of little use to me if it works for you, in the end it has to work for the customers, or they won’t buy the Fairphone.

So, if the driver situation is messed up in your Windows installation, it would be Samsung’s fault if you bought a Samsung, and it would be Huawei’s fault if you bought a Huawei. This makes no sense.

Blame Microsoft if you want to blame anybody and get your drivers in order.

The Drivers from Google is very old 2012 and 2014, my Computer is 2018. The installation is good, all other Devices funktion proper. Windows 10 64Bit Updates October 2020. I can not make the Installation different, Asrock have only 1 Chipset Driver. I9 Prozessor 14 Cores and X299 Chipset.
The Inbox Driver, from Win 10 function not with Fastboot, ADB function. This is an Software Problem with the Faiphone.

I moved your posts to a new topic. The original problem was about a non-working unlock code. And your screenshots have shown that yours is a different problem.

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