Battery problems (wrong charging status / battery might be dying)

Hi everybody!

Here we go again!!!

I left my phone to charge during the night, this morning it was where I left it… at 44 %! I had to use it so I unplugged it and then it went directly to 2 % and died on me…

So now it is charging, right now it is at 11 %. Let’s see how this works out…

By the way, I say “here we go again” because my battery already bloated once and I changed it once… (FP1 first edition) not so long ago…

If it wasn’t a fairphone and if I didn’t strongly believe in that phone I would have changed it already… every two or three months I have a new problem with it… but that’s another subject. :frowning: :wink:

Did you maybe consider to clean your USB-Connector, as I just wrote in the posted topic and did myself (at least semi-) successful?

As background information:

  • I had problems while charging: charging process starts and stops if I just wobble/bend/touch the cable slightly (which other users also reported and mostly assuming a broken connector)

  • I did a measurement with a external power meter while charging. Results:

  • While correct charging with the original FP charger it should consumes 5.5 Watts while showing the charging animation

  • BUT: the charging animation also is running, when the charger only consumes 2 or even 0.4 Watts or less, if before I moved the cable to another position (assuming a bad contact due to dust)

  • Conclusion: A charging animation does not necessarily means a proper charging and having plugged in the phone over night does not necessarily mean a full chargerd phone, IF the CONNECTOR is DUSTY (or really loosen/broken)

  • After the cleaning procedure I can provoke a bad charging (<2Watts) only with one cable position. Which means an improvement, but not yet a full solution. Mabe I missed some more dust or demeaged anythin. I will stay at this problem!

  • @evidemment, could mean for you: maybe your connector is dusty, the phone does only get very weak electrical connection, just enough to enable charging animation. Due to wrong charging status or the long lasting but not well establish voltage of the charger your battery indicator goes just temporaly to 44% bevor remembers it was not chargerd properly.

Cheers, Robert

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Just an update: I got a new battery now but I am keeping it as reserve / back-up and will use my old / first battery as long as it lasts. I have the feeling that the last 30 % of charging go much faster than the first and second 30 % (okay, let’s make it 33,3 % each), so I am keeping it 50 % loaded at least. Let’s see how long the old one will still be usable.

But remember that a battery is not getting better from just lying around.
For storing, often 5-10°C and 60-80% charge level is recommend and using it from time to time (between 20-80%)

Maybe a better way is to swap your both batteries each 1-2 months to use it the same way and dont use the first for 1 year and after this notic the 2nd is not usable anymore due too its long rest (without seeing new electrons).
Cheers, Robert

[quote=“therob, post:188, topic:771, full:true”]
But remember that a battery is not getting better from just lying around.
For storing, often 5-10°C and 60-80% charge level is recommend and using it from time to time (between 20-80%)[/quote]
tnx, that’s interesting.
I was told when I got it to leave it and that the wasting would only start once it is used.

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Are you referring to a battery which NEVER was used once? Who told you (FP?)? Than MAYBE here is a difference.

But I was referring to batteries which at least have been used once or twice. And to avoid the degradation of the inner electrodes a moderate usage is recommend (once a month for one charging cylce 80-20-80% should be enough).

It is the same thing which a lot of battery guides telling you for laptop-Li-Ion-batteries…
(At the moment I have no time to look for some links…sorry)

My phone is now fully charged… but I did that at the office…when you say “connector” your mean on the phone?

Yes :slight_smile: , as I said, it’s a new battery. And the tipp came from Fairphone.

  • Where is the difference of “at home” and “at office” in your case? Different charger?
  • I mean the connector at the phone itself (as you can see at the pic in the other thread). But basically it could also happen to the plug of the charger itself.
  • did you already try the “Battery-Software Reset/Recalibration”? But that would only make sense, if you considered the possibility fo the “dusty connector”, which then should be cleaned before!

Cheers, Robert

Yes different charger… by the way yesterday everything went fine… it’s the part I don’t understand with this phone: it does weird stuff and then back to normal…

Also a sign of a dying battery. I’ve had all the symptoms.
Be careful: I’m pretty sure your battery is bloating, even if you don’t see it yet.

Seriously?! Again?!!

What’s wrong with those batteries? Or is it the phone?

And apart from buying another one is there anything I can do to prevent this?

[quote=“evidemment, post:196, topic:771, full:true”]
Seriously?! Again?!![/quote]

Actually, I was told by FP that a battery can die after 1,5 to 2 years (shorter lifespan for smartphone batteries) without ever bloating. Mine shows the same symptoms, so I will use it for a while more, but have a new unused battery ready for the official battery end of number 1.

My Nokia N900 battery is still very healthy after 5 years of use (and I treated it very bad!).
I tend to suppose there is some problem with the design and/or hardware quality for the FP1’s batteries and I hope there will be an enhancement in FP2’s ones!

But I have already changed it once this year! I agree with DjDas there’s something seriously wrong…

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It would be good to hear from FP about this. I’d have thought 2 years is also not a very long live-span, but they said it’s normal for smartphones, different from the old mobiles.

I’d expect the power draw from a modern smartphone to be higher, especially when running demanding applications. At the same time, the temperature will also be higher. Both are things that challenge the battery more, and make the battery behave differently from those in old mobiles. Although, the N900 may be more like a smartphone in terms of battery use. I’ve also realised that over the past two years I’ve charged my FP1 battery more times than I charged my previous phone in its entire 8 year life span (during which I replaced the battery once due to degraded performance, and I haven’t replaced my FP1 battery).

Note that the temperature should, however, be guarded against excess by software monitoring of battery temperature (just search the web for battery temperature too high). I’m surprised that nobody has posted about receiving a too hot notification other than when the ambient temperature is too cold. I sure hope there isn’t a bug in the monitoring software and people are cooking their batteries during periods of heavy battery use.
I’m not ruling out that there is a bad batch of batteries, or that the design of the charge controller is somehow flawed, or that the design of the FP1 itself makes the battery more susceptible to thermal or physical shock.

We’ve asked about failure rates in the topic here, but it seems unlikely there will be an answer soon.

People should have noticed that their battery would get abnormally hot. My current phone (not FP) has a temperature sensor inside but I was never advised to turn it off. Especially lately I notice how my battery gets warm while I use it so I turn it off and take the battery out for a couple minutes.
Somebody on this mighty planet should have noticed if the battery was being cooked regularly.

I’m having the same issue reported by many users here. Charging does not work reliably. It’s not due to a defect cable or battery. Notably, the problems only appeared after the software update to 1.8.7.

You already tried out in this order

  • battery spin test
  • cleaning USB connector
  • reset battery software

all described here? Cheers, Robert