USB jack dirty - plug keeps coming out

Hey everybody! My USB jack is most likely stuffed with lint and dust, since the USB plug keeps coming out of the jack with each smallest movement of the phone. What’s the best way to clean the jack without causing any damage to my phone? Thanks!

I’d use a soft brush or a gas duster

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After having also problems while charging my FP1 (2 years old), but not see a loosen connector, I tried to clean also the connector itself from dust and lint with a very small screw driver.
my charging problem is not gone completely, but become remarkably better!

I was inspired by this video and surprinsingly I really could remove a lot of dust, although at first look it does not seem to be that bad. During cleaing it really looked like this pic in the video…
But be careful not to bend down the inner part of the connector or scratching the contacts!

For cleaning a soft brush (electrical tooth brush?) and/ar a gas duster as stated above should be a fine finish.

Cheers, Robert

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