ARCore in Fairphone 4?

I’m an AR developer and am allowed to choose a new company phone right now. I couldn’t find out whether the Fairphone 4 supports ARCore… I only found threads on the older models and that they don’t.
Does anyone know more?


Is there a way to find this out when the first people receive their FP4? Some setting to look for? Or a kind of a checker app? Does it show up as a sensor?


Hi @maestroid Welcome to the forum.

I suggest you ask Fairphone via support@fairphone/dot\com


thanks for getting back to me and for the welcome!

I was hoping that the information was available and I just hadn’t found it. I don’t know how to reliably find out whether a running device has ARCore support, but I would try to download

That should tell you.

At least not officially, see ARCore-unterstützte Geräte | Google Developers

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Yea, they answered officially:

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Thanks for your time, everyone.


Hi all,

Would any current FP4 owners please help me test the phone for use with Augmented Reality?

I’m about to buy a new phone and my inner eco-warrior is drawing me to the FP4… however, I need my new phone to support Google’s ARCore capability (I need this for my job, so it’s non-negotiable, unfortunately).

Google publish a list of phones they have certified for ARCore: الأجهزة المدعومة من ARCore  |  Google Developers
Fairphone are not there but I would guess it’s possible for some uncertified phones to work too.

Would someone with a FP4 please test this for me?

Could you please go to this website ( on your FP4, scroll down to the 3D models of car parts and click “View in your space” on one of them. (you can also do this on your desktop and it gives you a QR code to scan from your FP4).

Does it launch the 3D model in Augmented Reality (i.e. see the object rendered in your current location through your phone’s camera)? If it launches, does it work effectively? If it does, then I’m pretty likely to buy this phone!

Many thanks for the community’s help!


Hi !
I would like to buy this phone, but I’m waiting to be sure that it is compatible with ARcore, even unofficially

Could any owner of the fairphone 4 test this and answer here if it is possible ton install it ??
(messages above explains some things to try…)

Thank you very much

I’d be okay with the phone being able to use AR unofficially and without certification… as long as it does work. Did anyone with a Fairphone 4 actually try it yet?

I attempted the “view in your space” method given above, but it just gave the 3D part on a white blank background. :frowning:
Is there anything else I can try?

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I have a 4 and it does not support ARCore. Ingress scan portal depends on that and it is not activated when playing it ons FP4

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Thanks for trying @Paperpilot and @Wolter_van_den_Brink ! Good to know for certain now… my spirit can move on in peace :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody know whether there has been movement on it?

It’s the one thing that makes me regret getting this phone so far, in a really big way. Because due to developing apps, I’ll now need to get another phone, which just ruins the whole “create less e-waste” proposition.

My bad for not checking of course, but I really didn’t think I could buy a phone costing >500€ in 2021 that does not support AR core, as it has become so ubiquituous. :frowning: I really hope they re-consider this and get a certification for it ASAP.


I think the best course of action is to #contactsupport. The more people write to them about it, the more likely it is to happen.


I don’t think it’s necessary to obscure email addresses on this forum. Discourse (the forum software) hides email addresses from the source. That’s why on the about page their email address is as well. I also host a Discourse forum, I never get spam on the email address that’s in the about section.

But let’s check if the comment section is just as well protected. should not appear in the source (let me check…)

Edit: email addresses in threads are not protected :frowning:

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+1 for ARCore also from my side! I think it’s something really usefull and one of the only real negatives of having a fairphone. i hope they solve this very soon!


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Does this topic have an update? Need this tech so much!!


Yes, it is a huge shame that the Fairphone 4 is not certified for ARCore. Makes it impossible to recommend the Fairphone to XR/AR/VR developers.

What exactly are the reasons why Fairphone are unable to support device certification, when nearly all leading phone manufacturers do? Is there a specific technical challenge?