Does FP4 work with ARCore? (AR Services for Google Play)

Hi all,

Would any current FP4 owners please help me test the phone for use with Augmented Reality?

I’m about to buy a new phone and my inner eco-warrior is drawing me to the FP4… however, I need my new phone to support Google’s ARCore capability (I need this for my job, so it’s non-negotiable, unfortunately).

Google publish a list of phones they have certified for ARCore: الأجهزة المدعومة من ARCore  |  Google Developers
Fairphone are not there but I would guess it’s possible for some uncertified phones to work too.

Would someone with a FP4 please test this for me?

Could you please go to this website ( on your FP4, scroll down to the 3D models of car parts and click “View in your space” on one of them. (you can also do this on your desktop and it gives you a QR code to scan from your FP4).

Does it launch the 3D model in Augmented Reality (i.e. see the object rendered in your current location through your phone’s camera)? If it launches, does it work effectively? If it does, then I’m pretty likely to buy this phone!

Many thanks for the community’s help!

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Please see

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