Android 12 has come to the FP4

Its often the tone the feedback is presented…actually I would not want to always read all those unfriendly comments here about how I work or not work…so if at all I would do it in a kind of Blog (like Shiftphones is doing in the developmemt phase of a new product.) without giving the option to comment.
I would rather hope, they take software development back in house with a public bug tracker, as it was for the FP2.

edit: overall I think we should not start this discussion here again and stick here to the A12 upgrade topic


I can make a scroll Screenshot with the volume down + power button and then extend or something like that.

But why do some AOSP features like Material You and one handed mode miss?
And for my 5ghz Hotspot doesn’t work but 2,4 works fine, anybody else experiencing something similar?

Which is precisely my point. There’s a big difference between ridicule and “i disagree because…”

I felt the responses I got from a certain user was of the former rather than the latter.

At the moment though I’m just hopeful that we will get Android 13 soon(ish) as it’s a smaller update than the quite large Android 12.

I’m also experiencing the sluggish animations. Anyone figured out how to fix that? A developer option or something?

Huh, that’s strange, I don’t get that option at all…

Yes, Hotspot with 5Ghz cannot be activated.

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Haha, that’s good, I also can’t activate it. Now I can finally configure my “smart” dumb lightbulb which is 2.4-only :slight_smile: Before, even with 2.4 hotspot option selected, the phone set up a 5 GHz hotspot…

After the update, the Google search bar is at the top and the At A Glance is completely missing. Is this normal? Did this happen to anybody else?

Update: It seems that changing display size to normal and then back to large restores the At A Glance feature. Now the Google search bar is completely gone. What? :smiley:

Update 2: After restarting the phone, the Google search bar is back at the top. Oh my god.

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the same for me, first at top and than completely missing. Don’t miss it.

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To my knowledge 5Ghz Hotspot never worked because it is not allowed in the EU at least so removing the option to select it will not change anything…


Whaaat? Some phone-specific regulation? Because otherwise you can of course set up a 5 GHz Wifi AP… You just shouldn’t use the DFS frequencies as they can take minutes to set up the AP, which people usually don’t want with a hotspot…

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I’ve never had this issue either on phones in the past. Couldn’t find any information regarding it either from official EU sources when googling around. Seems that only Xiaomi devices are doing this from the googling.

On other aspects of the update, anyone else noticing that palm resistance is so much better? Even tho there’s no single handed mode, it’s a great addition!

I have no experience with 5G, but I can tell you that eSIM with Swisscom and iPhone did not work for 2 years (the connection was dropped every 2 minutes. it was reconnecting instantly but still annoying only during calls). Apple said it was Swisscom. Swisscom said they have no issue.

So while the network performance and coverage are generally good in Switzerland, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its quirks.

I got the Android 12 upgrade in Switzerland by checking manually for updates. I’m with Lebara eSIM (Sunrise Network, I don’t pay for 5G so I have it turned off). I have a second SIM card from another country which is currently connected to Salt (but moves around all networks depending on where I am).

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Seems like it’s finally time to try using Lawnchair. Since we are finally on A12, gesture navigation shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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That is not true for Germany at least. My company phone (Samsung A52) can setup a 5GHz hotspot.

… and my FP4 with A11 could that too (Germany).

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Does anyone see the Wifi calling icon in quick menu? I had it greyed out on A11 (officially Wifi calling was not supported in my case), but the icon was there. Now I can’t even find the icon (not even when I click the edit button to see all available tiles).

Hello Fairphone, please name the prividers in Switzerland that are causing problems.
I have Swisscom and do not receive an update to Android 12. Swisscom does not want to know about anything and refers me Fairphone :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Fairphone did say earlier they couldn’t do that.
I don’t know how many operators you have over there, but since at least one (Salt, see above) does the upgrade, Swisscom must be the one who doesn’t. Welcome to the club, we have t-shirts… :crazy_face:

Sunrise is the 3rd i think.