Android 12 for FP4?



I am probably late to the party but would be happy to beta test.

Best is to #contactsupport since FP employees don’t actively read this forum.

Sometines I think they should :slight_smile:.


Hi there,

are there any news or rumours about the launch of Android 12 for the FP4?


I haven’t heard any.

From what I’ve seen, one day there will be an announcement in the forum and the update will be available. No prior warning, no rumors. Can happen any minute (day, month, year) now… :grin:


I heard something similar from the Fairphone Facebook page. (in a comment)
It’s in progress and will come “soon”, but no specific date jet.

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Personally I’m still disappointed it wasn’t released last year as promised. Going from Nova Launcher to the stock launcher is like buying a new sports car. Android 11 just doesn’t have the APIs required to make custom launchers snappy. Supposedly that has changed with Android 12. Oh well.

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Although I’m using an FP3 the Nova Launcher and A11 work fine ??

But the gesture controls are terrible with Custom Launchers in A11 (at least for me)

seriously, dont waste your and our time any more, stop messing with android 12 which is ancient just as well, go for android13.

which leads to the actual ultimate question that I have had ever since… how much money do we all need to fork over to not just make lives sustainable amongst the factory workers of fairphone supply chain, or go for fair ores and metals and digging holes in the ground, but also allow for fair wages and payment of the (still? external?) teams that handle our software stack and update and upgrade needs.

seriously. how much should a fairphone4ultimate or fairphone5 cost that you guys can just as well pay the software team properly. this team seems seriously underfunded or nonexistant at all, or gone into hiding for months right after an update has been released.

so bad. I am serously disappointed by the software layer of fairphone. for years now.
please. do tell. i really want to know. it seems that i have funded pretty much everybody from the ceo of fairphone to a whole lot of people left and right. but apparently i have not funded the software guys decently. not at all.

sucks :frowning:


microsoft launcher works fine with gestures (but only since 4-5 month)

You are aware that it is a bit of a rant to the other users, you are not really talking to Fairphone, though you could send them an email if they are your target


Hi Stefan, four your information :

I think we will have to wait a few more time due to holidays and tests before deployment.

Regards, Emmanuel

Are you using the new gesture navigation? If not, you’re not affected by the lack of new API’s

Yes I am, have been for some months and all seems fine.

Then I don’t know what to say, maybe you just don’t notice what is otherwise a known issue? I notice redraws almost every day while using Nova.

I’ve used Nova for two years, since I bought the phone and wanted to get rid of the Google search bar.

I have two phones running A11 both now with Gesture and have noticed no difference is use with any redraw etc.

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I use Nova since I had my first Samsung Galaxy S and it still works very well. Before the FP4 I had a LG V30 running A11 and both worked well with gestures and Nova Launcher.

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