Android 12 for FP4?

Any word yet on when to expect Android 12 for FP4?


Hi @JohanL,

I read somewhere on the forum that usually Fairphone takes about 1 year to release a major update.
Perhaps someone else could confirm (or not).

You can read more on this topic : One-handed mode feature request because the FP4 is too big

Best regards, Emmanuel


Thanks Emmanuel. I tried searching around, guess the title of the post threw me of.

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If you absolutely can’t wait, CalyxOS for the FP4 is running on Android 12:

Keep in mind those are test builds for now! There are bugs and there is some functionality missing, like Bluetooth audio and access to all the camera features for example.

Only proceed if you have the time / patience for it and your data is all backed up :slightly_smiling_face:


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and iodè very soon :wink:

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If interested, it seems Google has made Android 13 public beta available to everyone… Android 13 public beta released for Pixel 6 and non-Pixel phones

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Android 12 on FP4 running


Hey, let’s reactivate the thread. Any news about when we will have Android 12?

FP support reported this last week:

Our development team is currently working on Android 12, we have a first boot up version delivered in the past couple of weeks which is currently being tested, but we are still several months away from release, our customisations still need to be ported across to the code and a lot more testing needs to happen. The lockdown in Shanghai put our team back a few months on this, so while we were hoping to get Android 12 out in Q3, it may slip into Q4, we are still finalizing the timeline. In terms of a Beta we expect that is still several months away, once we have the results back from this first round of testing we will be in a much better position to plan the schedule but it is just slightly too early for us to be able to share a specific date with confidence.


Thank you!

So, it’s going to be more likely at the end of the year. Works for me. I’m having my fp4 two weeks now, and it’s my first phone with Android 11.

In various custom ROMs already there :wink:

I’m counting the days for DivestOS to launch on the Fairphone 4. Aaaaaaaaany time now…

@AvidAlbatross, I await support by LineageOS, but I may need to wait eternally. Software-support for the Fairphone 4 is not brilliant.

Your “eternal wait” is almost over :smiley: :

Keep in mind that LineageOS and similar alternatives OS are community projects, so it goes as fast as the amount of free time volunteers can dedicate on it…


Yeah, as much as I love my Fairphone 4 and I wish to use it until the day it literally falls apart and becomes irreparable, I’m a bit disappointed by the updates by Fairphone themselves. Android 12 will launch around the time Android 13 is released and sure, that’s to be expected due to non-inhumane working conditions… but I feel there are so many strange changes to Fairphone OS that I wish they had just stayed closer to stock. I also find it weird that CalyxOS manages to get Android 12 out the door faster than Fairphone themselves.

And the changes to Fairphone OS I want aren’t actually there. Samsung has an option to make 85% the new 100% for the battery. This puts less stress on the battery, making it stay in mint condition for longer. THAT is what I want!


Calyx or any other OS does not need around 500,000 Google approvals for certification before going live. FP is still a small company so I dont see how they could manage such big upgrades faster, you cannot compare with the big companies. Also remind its even more difficult once Quallcomm stops suppoort for the SOC. My 2 cents: you are expecting too much from a niche company and product.


Which Android 12 features do you require?

Oh I am well aware that there are plenty of approvals and stuff. Personally, I don’t care all that much for feature updates. I’m more of a security update person anyway.

And once again, I understand that Fairphone can’t compete with Samsung when it comes to manpower. I just find it a bit disappointing, that is all. Consider it wishful thinking if you want.

Android 12 allows apps that aren’t the Play Store to update their apps. Basically, F-Droid can automagically update the apps I’ve installed with it.

That is the one feature I deeply desire, as I’m trying to distance myself from Google.