Android 12 for FP4?

Hat jemand eine Übersicht/einen Überblick, wann Android 12 für das FP4 kommt/kommen könnte.
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Die, die es wissen antworten nicht.:smile:

Es gibt noch keine genauen Infos. Zum letzten Update wurde gesagt dass das erste Quartal 2023 angestrebt wird.


Na toll…
Wäre nämlich echt mal ganz cool zu wissen, wann es ungefähr kommt. Dann ist man jedenfalls etwas entspannter. Da muss ich dem Hersteller mit dem angebissenen Apfel einen klaren “+Punkt” geben. Da kommen die großen Updates regelmäßig, im Herbst…

I moved your post here, although this discussion is in English. We cant speed up and comparing with apple, is comparing “apple with pear” ;-). It was planned last year however due to explained issues not feasible to accomplish.

Hab gestern abend das offizielle LineageOS auf mein FP4 geflasht. Android 13. Funktioniert bis hier hin tadellos. Wäre ne option wenn man nicht warten mag.


one step further then the title :wink:

Android 13 for FP4?

  • LOS
  • calyxOS
  • DivestOS
  • iodèOS

To get a A13 ROM as close to FPOS as possible = LOS 20 + GAPPS (Wideangle lense of FP4 is working with Apenture build in LOS camera)
(But I recommend not to try to relock the bootloader until there is no avb_custom key available)

And with this setup, you will get Android Security Patches “normally” adhoc every month :wink:


I had exactly the same smartphone before my Fairphone 4—the Pixel 3—and my experience with Fairphone’s stock OS has been as negative as yours.

Have you tried CalyxOS? I’ve been trying at Support ADB root. (#1421) · Issues · CalyxOS / calyxos · GitLab to convince its developers to support the Play Store, but other than that, it’s been like a dream for me (at least when testing it on my Pixel 3). Specifically, it always has the most recent version of Android (currently 13) and an included firewall.

It’s quite incredible, really, and brings Fairphone’s software support to shame. It even has an automated installer, which again FP4 doesn’t offer. Install on Fairphone 4 explains how to install if you’re interested.

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I’ve heard many good things about it. I also tried custom ROMs on my Pixel 3 to give it a longer live. But my work profile then complains and then I cannot generate OTP tokens, access email, contacts, etc. So I expect the same would happen when I try CalyxOS.

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I’m not certain of what you refer to. Do you mean that MicroG doesn’t support what you want it to? If so, I agree.

Did you try Roms with root? Or with an unlocked bootloader?

It was that Pixel ROM with also extra privacy, but close to the Pixel experience. Don’t know the name anymore. No root stuff, bootloader could be closed. But that was on my Pixel, FP still seem to have issues with those things as far as I’m up to date about it.

IodeOS also and a much better firewall

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Does IodéOS support the Google Play Store? Additionally, do you know which project they use for their firewall instead of whatever CalyxOS uses?

you can use the play store by using aurora. installing Gapps on top of Iode or Calyx is not the intention of those OSes. In the case you need Google Store and aurora it not sufficient, I guess LOS plus Gapps would be the way to go.

CalyxOS is designed to be operated with a locked bootloader, and I don’t want to have to install Magisk to bypass SafetyNet.

Aurora is, for many reasons which are probably reported at their bugtracker, but which I am able to specify if you want me to, an inadequate replacement for the Google Play Store. Lack of support for payment and review, primarily.

LineageOS isn’t a very good OS, especially when compared to CalyxOS. Its updater is awful, for instance.

probably you should design your own OS as it seems you have a very clear idea about it and it does not exist…still I think you will never be able to use Google stuff with Calyx or Iode

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The only major ROM that supports the Play Store is GrapheneOS and they decided not to support the Fairphone 4 due to it not having something like the Titan M2 and due to being constantly behind on updates.


I’m pushing for the basics to be completed. If you read the linked issue you’ll see that. It’s difficult due to default Android’s strict security model, however, which CalyxOS adheres to.

You might be in for a long haul if you think that issue is gonna make someone in the CalyxOS dev team start magically working on root / Play Store support.
There are only a few people working on Calyx as a whole and there doesn’t seem to be much interest in that. There are more important things to tackle, like a built-in ad blocker.

If you want this done, you’ll get faster results if you do it yourself (especially if you want anything root related, that is never going to be supported).
Otherwise, Calxy works fine with Magisk, just don’t ask for help with it in any of the official channels.

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