Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

Interestingly, I am suddenly facing these very same issues with restarts while trying to initiate a call :neutral_face: The phone app seems to hang, then crash, then causing the whole phone to restart. It’s strange because I installed the latest update days ago when it was released and never had a problem. Only today I noticed it, and I didn’t even restart the phone or anything today…

It may be co-incidental with a hardware issue, you may like to check the module contacts are clean and seated well etc.

You might be right… Tried a factory reset, not taking over any backup/data and still the same issue. Plus, I don’t have any sound when playing YouTube videos, changing ring tones, etc. Very annoying this happens exactly the day before Christmas… :sob:

Hello everyone,

The latest update, with some encouraging news, can be found in the same blog.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team if you are experiencing any problems with your Fairphone.

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For news on the Updates to Android 10 (0054, 0066, 0077)


My partner and I bought two fairphones (FP3 in september, FP3+ in December).
The two phones were likely to work properly but then, random reboots started to occur several time a day since the 10th of January.

We have tried different things. On FP3+ we avoid the phone to connect in 4G. Only in 3G or home wifi, it works… Not satisfying at all but at least the random reboot stop.

On the FP3, I have observed that the phone always switch off when I am at home. I had to spend few days elsewhere and the phone never switched off… Here I have no wifi activated at all, only on 4G.

We are thus a little bit lost and also disappointed by the situation. I have contacted the customer service but got no answers.

Are we the only one to experience such situation?

Thank you for your feedbacks


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There are similar complaints. As it happens in a specific location it may be due to network switching between Gs due to signal strengths, although that should only interupt calls not make the phone reboot.

But if it’s location specific there must be some signal that the phone is poorly interpreting.

Did you update the software around the same time and what version are you using 0077?

When you say you contacted cust serv is that an official support request and have you received an acknowledgement of your query and when did you contact them.

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I moved the two last posts here to avoid duplicates.
Please have a look at the topic and suggestions above! :slight_smile:

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For the FP3+, do you as for the build number?

For the FP3, I installed /e/ OS, latest available version.

In both case we experience reboot randomly.

My FP3 starts to reboot random 1/2 times a day. Don’t know why… Build 0077. I’ve never had a problem since couple of days…

Sounds like loose contacts on modules and possibly the switches. Maybe a clean and reassemble may help.

I doubt it’s software related in terms of 0077, but maybe you have installed a few apps that are running in the background and have some conflict, though rebooting is a bit extreme.

Of course rebooting has been mentioned before and the reasons are not often discovered easily.

My FP3+ of Oct 20 has stock rom all the recent updates with no such issue.

I moved the two last posts here as they were about FPOS Android 10.

As you have described ~ when you put it on the desk it reboots ~ it may also be, unknown to you, rebooting in your pocket or bag as you move around ~ it does indicate a loose or poor connection. Dis and Re assembly seems a reasonable option to undertake.

Hi guys, pretty hard to tell if my problem is the same as yours but to add to the discussion, I own two SIM cards - one is a french carrier named Free Mobile on Roaming with the australian telco Optus, and the other one is the MVNO Boost Mobile running on australia’s Telstra network.

Whenever I switch my data to Free Mobile the phone reboots, sometimes not even being able to reach the PIN entry screen before rebooting again. I discarded the idea of a battery issue since this is extremely specific to this one carrier (I rarely have reboots with Boost Mobile).
Hope that can help anyone with a similar problem understand they are not alone.

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@Arvil You may like to a) try cleaning the sim card contacts b) try the sim card in another phone.

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I just got the FP3+ and had the rebooting issue already starting during the setup procedure. Not being able to find any information on how to resolve the issue, except for the FP support page telling me to turn off WiFi and see if that solved the issue, I was fed up with it. I returned the phone and ordered a new one but the problem persisted with the new device too.

It became really clear the phone interfered with the WiFi somehow and that made it reboot. Every time my phone rebooted, my housemate’s phone also lost connection with the WiFi.

2 days later though, the issue is resolved. What I didn’t notice, was that the phone had to update Android during/after the setup but the WiFi issues made that download go very slowly. There is no status bar for the Android update download, so I thought the update was already done. I got a notification the update was installed and I needed to reboot the phone. After that, the phone hasn’t rebooted a single time

TL;DR: If you get a new FP3(+) with this issue, make sure the Android update installs. It might be worth it to turn off the WiFi and just download it over your cellular data, since the reboots seem to come from a problem with the WiFi and that keeps the update from downloading too.


Hello, and welcome to the forum.

That’s quite an issue and good, that you noticed the source of your troubles.

Hopefully this will be a thing of the past sometime soon, when phones will be delivered with the new OS-version.
In the meantime it would be a good idea to send the package with an explanation for possible troubles. :wink:

May your experience be pure joy and fun from now on. :slight_smile:

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Same issue here, switching mobile to “3G only” solved the problem for me. It only happens in a place with bad mobile signal so far.

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