iFixIT - #FixAtHome Challenge

Some new initiative for the times of being stuck at home (especially mentioning Fairphone):

With ideas to get started, examples of projects by users.

Sharing is caring. You might not be able to help everyone feel better about COVID-19, but you can inspire someone to pick up their screwdriver and fix something! And if you’ve repaired something successfully, consider writing a DIY guide, answer questions in the iFixit forum, or inspire others to dust off their toolboxes (or IKEA sacks full of tools, whatever) and do the same.

We’re in this boat together. Let’s make/create/fix the best out of it! :muscle:

Note: iFixit has business relationships with Sugru and Fairphone (selling products) , but this partnership is simply all of us encouraging people to fix things and share it.

Anyone here willing to participate in this challenge?
Please share your ideas here as well (a simple link would be enough)!


I’m always fixing stuff but it never occurred to me to try about it! :laughing:

Next time I fix something I’ll try and remember.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess it’s primarily meant to inspire others, who don’t even have an idea what can be fixed at home. :wink:
So I think it’s a good idea to share your experience.

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