FP3 3.A.0054, Android10 OS update, security patch level October 5th, 2020

Just got the notification:


Really curious to learn if any Vodafoners get it. I was able to retrieve the update on an FP3 that never had a SIM card inside, and cannot (yet) get the update on an FP3+ that has a Lycamobile SIM.

EDIT: Thanks, I believe you! :angel: No more confirmations needed.


So far as I’ve been able to tell it is just a security update and no fixes :thinking:


Hi, for me the update is available and my provider is Vodafone Germany.




I just installed it… My SIM provider is FreeMobile in France but the update is giving me a notification to accept terms of use for new apps and features from Orange, another French provider, that is NOT mine ???

I am also surprised that FP commited with providers system apps as I thought the philosophy was to stick the closest possible to the Android stock versions …

I am a little confused…


FreeMobile and Orange are Partners so maybe they share the bloatware?

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Tnx, will check mine right away!

Update: I am getting the d/l, too. Telekom.de. Just 24,54 MB in size, so probably not much more than the monthly Google patches. Wondering if this fixes any of the other issues that have been bugging so many here (not me, though) since the A10 upgrade …

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Did you ever insert an Orange SIM in your phone? Normally they are only available for Orange Customers, see here:

Happily they can be disabled.

I think it was part of the deal when partnering with Orange :man_shrugging:

Perhaps, but they don’t share services, and you can’t have access to Orange Services when having a Free Mobile account. So I doubt it.

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No I never did, I never been client with Orange, and I bought my FP new, not used.

Yes I read that in the terms of use, they allow “app center” for users who are subscribed with Orange or Sosh (Orange subsidiary). They mention nothing about Free users… Why I am confused on the reson this bloatware was added to my system.

Yes disabled … but not uninstalled as it is sadly considered as a system app now… I’ll have to factory reset whenever i find why my FreeMobile SIM triggered it, or if it will just be added to any French users of Fairphones for some reasons lol :sweat_smile:

Is there a specific partenership beetween FP and Orange about these apps ? I thought it was just Orange distributing its app to just any phone brands.

Their partnership should only concern network connectivity, and that’s a huge enough legal concurrencial issue without adding them to share services … That would be scandalous.
And anyway as Alex did mention, the terms of use appears to not allow Free users to use their app … Sooooo… yeah, weird.

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I think you should #contactsupport. This is not normal, or at least doesn’t seem to be.

Same thing here: I bought my fairphone 3 new, only SIM I ever inserted is from the french provider SFR, yet after today’s update I see a notification from an app called “Orange manual selector” that requests “tap to get started”.

I had no idea I had any software from Orange on my fairphone, and am really puzzled as to why this is running now. This looks like something that begs to be removed with adb. But I’m disappointed, I was thinking that a fairphone would relieve me from having to resort to such manipulations.


The Orange App was there from the beginning, at least on my FP3 when I was still using the original Android, also with potential tracking. I think it just didn’t show up under the “normal” apps; adb will help for sure.

Edit: Welcome @faqtos to the forum!

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Right, I submitted a ticket with a link to this thread, we will see what happends…

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I got it too. I’m also on Vodafone Germany.

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OK, Vodafolks, thanks for your feedback!


I got it too and it doesn’t work

why is the current OS not listed here?


Anyone any idea how to get these updates ? I have tried looking for updates with, without and with another sim. (KPN, Lebara, none) but nothing found while connected over wifi.

When using 4g it says updates temporarily unavailable…

I"m still on the original Android 10 (033) build, no updates since.

Now it’s there. Just be patient I guess.


This time it’s me who’s not gotten it…