Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

And once more …

this morning already, coming to the office taking out the Fairphone, placing on the desk, it starts to reboot.

and now returning from lunch, taking out the Fairphone, placing on the desk, you guessed it, it reboots, wtf.


Did you do a factory reset after installing Android 10 ?

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I moved the posts to a new topic to avoid off-topic in the other one. You can discuss random reboots that appeared after the android 10 upgrade in this topic.

Similar issue here.

I’ve had my FP3 for a year now: half way through I had some stability issues with a reboot here and there - nothing too serious and for some reason it went away.
Yet, about two months ago the problems started to reappear again: here and there, after unlocking with fingerprint or pressing the power button, phone won’t wake from sleep for up to a minute or so.
Sometimes it did wake up afterwards, sometimes it just rebooted.

After upgrading to Android 10 now, I’ve had several reboots during the day. All of them while the phone just lay around not being actively used.

@joe.is.asking.1, but just to make sure: can you track down the reboots to physical interaction with the phone such as placing it on a desk? (Which might indicate something like a bad battery-contact.)
Or do the reboots also occur while not being used?

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Reading your post, it seems that your desk is the problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It could be a loose contact, at least I would suspect this to be the culprit rather than the latest Android upgrade according to the bug description. Check if every module sits firmly. (I had a loose battery in my FP2, it caused the very same behavior.)

Is a factory reset recommended after updating to Android 10? is this known to make a difference regarding random reboots?

@Alain_Guillet No, as I don’t have an easy to restore backup (e.g. no Google Cloud backups). It would take some time to have the device up and running as it is now. So this isn’t really an option for me.

@amers yes, the battery was a problem for the FP2 but it is almost impossible it moves in the FP3 given the fact how tight it sits.

@Davidm people having the reboot issue tried to do a factory reset with no effect.

@DeepSea it may be not the battery but it could be one of the other modules, good idea, will open the device and tighten the screws.

@Sideness the obvious wasn’t visible to me thank you to enlightened me :rofl:

It allows to have something cleaner so it cannot be bad and can only improve things in case of troubles or slowdown.

Coming form Linux, I always start from a clean home to avoid problems after an upgrade… but maybe it is useless with Android.

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It’s certainly not useless to start from scratch with a new major Android version.

From a logical and technical standpoint upgrading over existing installations should not be possible or at least not be treated as a totally normal, recommendable procedure … it is not.

Avoiding upgrading over existing installations would avoid lots of trouble for lots of users, because vendors can never test each and every scenario that may be found out in the wild, installations grow unpredictable over time to a certain degree, so upgrade outcomes are unpredictable to a certain degree.

Wiping the phone and starting the install from scratch would put the phone into a well-defined, vendor-tested state to proceed from. Furthermore it would hammer home the necessity of doing a complete backup once in a while, and thus spread knowledge about how to actually do complete backups.

It would make total sense, so it will never be this way :slight_smile: .
Just imagine the shitstorm if vendors actually forced this upon users, this could only work if Google as the Android steward would spearhead this and take the blame … but probably then most people would simply not do any upgrade anymore :slight_smile: .


I have the same problem. I bought an FP3 a couple of months ago. Runs absolutely fine, no problems at all. Then I got the Android 10 update and the same day it starts to reboot randomly. Maybe 4-5 times a day. Sometimes when I’m using it and sometimes when it’s sitting doing nothing. I will try a factory reset and let you know if that works.


@Alain_Guillet I advise you to use Docker containers, data and OS seperated and always a clean host :wink:

@AnotherElk Currently I have setup my own Nextcloud instance, hourly btrfs snapshots and daily off-site backup. The most important data is therefore backed-up.

All the app settings and configurations is what would take the most time. :see_no_evil:

Any hint on a non-Google backup solution for the apps on a Stock ROM without root permissions would be appreciated.

Thank you, would be great :+1:t2:

I opened and cleaned the device and tightened the screws yesterday.

Until now I hadn’t any reboots so far.

I’m glad you didn’t make a locked bootloader a requirement, because with an unlocked bootloader it is relatively easy …


An unlocked bootloader means the phone should really be encrypted and a decryption password/PIN/pattern should be set, so a simple loss or theft of the phone would not expose your data.
That would still leave a risk of somebody snatching your phone temporarily, installing malicious stuff on it which would e.g. log and transmit your decryption input, then getting the phone back to you unnoticed to provide the desired input … so you would need to assess how likely it would be for someone to really target you this way or how many opportunities for this (unattended phone) you can see yourself giving up in your everyday life.

With a locked bootloader indeed Apps and their settings/data are a problem.
I would say a collection of App APKs (there are Apps to extract those, even for split APKs*) and screenshots of the settings pages of the Apps are a backup … nobody said it would be effortless :slight_smile: .

* SAI (F-Droid / Play Store)

Well, it is indeed a requirement too.

Yes, this is how I do it actually for a phone migration, comparing the devices and set the appropriate options, but this takes time and settings may get forgotten.

I’m ok to put effort into this but the backup needs to be done automatically after the initial effort, so this is not really a solution for my problem.

I played a lot with CyanogenMod (ClockWorkMod) and later TWRP some years ago, it was fun and worked great to create images of the OS.

I even had my own F-Droid server/repo with APK copies from the Google Play Store (semi-automated updates) used on my devices, but now I’m tired of Apps requiring the SafetyNet approval or the “App installed from Google Play Store” requirement. Not to mention my short excurse of Aptoide and their APK uploader :wink:

Sure I could root the device, install may be Magisk to hide root to get those apps working again, but I just want to use the device as it is and workaround the non-root restrictions as good as possible to have the best possible Stock ROM experience (and may be one day even with a full backup) ^^

I did a factory reset this morning and haven’t had a reboot all day. So maybe it’s fixed?! :man_shrugging: I’ve still got an Android 10 system with build number 8901.3.A.0033 as recommended. So hopefully it’s fixed now.


So that lasted about a day then still a random reboot.

I’ve also removed the SD card because I had that setup as phone storage and it seemed to be causing all sorts of issues.

I’ll try tightening screws next.


I’ve been seeing a lot of reboots since updating too. They seem to happen when I’m stressing the system, flipping between lots of different apps etc but I haven’t found a pattern yet. At least the boot time seems improved following the update!

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