"Your Fairphone for ..." Mistake

I got my Fairphone 2 a few days ago and when I turned it on for the first time, the lockscreen option “Your Fairphone for…”, which shows how long you are using the phone already, was correct and showed the right time for the first two or three hours. Then it suddenly jumped to 1 year and 7 days and is now counting from this date forward. So I am at 1 year and 9 days now.
I would like to know if there is any way I can correct this? Just because I think the feature is nice but it of course shows wrong data now.
Thanks in advance for any tips!

Hi @Tawa,

I remembered having heard of that issues several times here on the forum. Found for example this thread:

(but did not find a response tagged as ‘solution’ in this thread, so I don’t know if @retsifp technical suggestion does work)

and found this response in another thread:

Anybody else maybe?

Did you get your FP2 from a mobile operator? The widget usually shows the times since the manufacturing date of the main board. Possibly your motherboard was manufactured in March 2016.

Yes I did. I also thought that this might be the reason, but it confused me that it worked for the first hours and showed “2 hours” and only then jumped to “1 year, 7 days”.
I guess this is what’s causing the issue though. So I might try to fix it with the solution @maik linked, but that one also sounds a bit complicated.

There has been many posts about this topic. I wonder why we cannot just have the option to not show all these things and just leave the time (clock). Or there should be a possibility to change things on the lock screen. What about instead of saying how long you’ve had the phone or how long you’ve had pease of mind it said how long it is since you called your mother. Or how long ago you had a random reboot. That would at least show some sense of humor.

You are not the only one with this issue. read further
Here, here, here in German,
How to change it here

This feature will be dropped with the upcoming Android 6. If anybody still feels the need to discuss further please continue here: