How long i had my Fairphone missing

I wonder, where can i find how long i had my Fairphone. Its seems to been missing in Android 6??

This “Your Fairphone for …” feature was part of the Fairphone-specific Clock Widget which was discontinued by Fairphone when upgrading to Android 6, along with some other things, see the “Features that will be gone” section here …

The community took over and released some of the respective Apps on F-Droid …


The Clock Widget description on F-Droid includes …

“It’s just a regular clock widget. It doesn’t include other Fairphone 2 goodies like battery estimation, “Your Fairphone for…” or Peace of Mind info, for the moment.”

… so for the moment this counter seems to be gone.
But it was buggy anyway (example topics here and here, and according to Fairphone the whole Widget “wasn’t working as we intended”).

You can read about development here …


Oh, thats a petty, it was a cool feature, also peace of mind. Thanks for your quick reply:)


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