Will they sell 15000? [They did]

I totally agree, the shop does not have a BUY NOW button anymore. It’s very unclear.

I wonder what happened after September 30th. There is a huge spike again. Was there another large-scale contract? Or is it just the late processed last-minute sale from people deciding at the very last moment?

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I totally agree, the shop does not have a BUY NOW button anymore.[/quote]
Really? I thought you could continue to buy until production starts.
And won’t they produce more FPs than ordered anyway, to have some for replacing not functioning phones etc.?

just thinking:
Maybe some people only heard of the FP2 through the last week’s “let’s reach 15000” campaigns and they bought last minute / around Sept. 30. And possibly people also thought it is safe to buy very late in the campaign rather than be part of the earlier crowdfunding that is needed to make it happen.

I’m pretty sure people will be able to buy continuously. Fairphone wants to sell ~100k phones each year, so they will probably never close the shop for the time being.

I was just responding to @urs_lesse who thought they had closed the shop because it is not obvious anymore what to do to buy a phone there. And I agree, a big fat button “BUY NOW” would help to make that clear.

I suggest Fairphone does some A/B testing for their shop :wink:

Fairphone was pretty clear that they will start producing regardless of whether 15k people will buy the phone initially. However that might not have been clear to all.


I think there are lots of improvements that could be made throughout the site to improve clarity.

Hey Fairphone team - I’m a UX and UJ designer and would love to help you guys!


Great offer! :smiley: In case they don’t read this, you should send them an email! :smiley:

That’s the mismatch between orders placed and orders paid (e.g. bank transfers take longer to process):

We urgently need a “buy now” button somewhere in the shop!!


Good idea Stefan - done!


Now they don’t show the number of sold phones on the start page any more. ???

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Round about mid day the counter disappeared. Looking forward to an official statement.

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They took away our favourite toy! :open_mouth:


The JSON counter is still reachable. However I I’m not able to verify whether it is still updated. Right now it stands at 17604. I’ll check later whether it still works.

Update after 2 hours (at 20:50h): So far the counter has not changed.
Update after 15 hours (at 10:00h the following day): The counter has still not changed. I would be very surprised if not at least one phone was sold and paid since yesterday. I think the counter is completely dead :frowning:

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We urgently need a “buy now” button somewhere in the shop!![/quote]
Thank you (:

@jftr: I think they just have some more important things to do right now than working with the counter. Maybe they need to work on the solution for an unexpected incident


Aren’t they producing a batch of ~140,000 units now?
I mean, their cost breakdown (and thus the price) was based on selling 140,000 units. If they would only produce 17,000 units now and produce more based on demand, then they could not reach the 140,000 units and thus had to spread fixed costs over a smaller number of phones and thus the phones should’ve been sold for a higher price. Not only that, it would mean more waiting time for people who order FP2’s after the initial batch.

So my guess is they’re producing 140,000 units in one go.


I just noticed that the shop front page has an additional line about “Expected Delivery in December 2015”. Special edition buyers might still get theirs in November. IF that is the case, it might suggest that production will not be all “in one go”. In addition, I wonder if the costs of storing 100,000+ Fairphones for several months might outweigh the mass production savings.

Well if they started production in October and started delivering in mid-November, delivered the first 15.000 phones by the end of November than the first not special edition phones would start being delivered in December.
I think it sounds realistic that producing 15.000 phones could take a month, so “in one go” could be a continuous process over months or years right?
Or how many phones a day do you think can be produced? I have no idea to be honest!

The numbers might be similar to the ones of FP1U production like in this blog post… https://www.fairphone.com/2014/07/25/second-batch-delivery-begins/


I think in a project like this with an entirely new product like the one they developed, they might not want to take the risk of producing a huge batch of phones maybe with the same flaw. I could well imagine that they split their 140,000 phones into 2 or three batches.

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I would assume that Fairphone will deliver in significantly bigger chunks this time. If they would deliver at the speed from back then, the final Special Edition buyers would be served by mid- to late December (assuming optimistically that delivery starts in early November) – but then the current “Expected Delivery in December 2015” for those who buy now would seem already outdated.


I appreciate hugely what Fairphone is doing, but at the same time I wonder why a company that values transparency so highly has a forum full of people who spend hours and hours fishing for clues at to how the company is operating. Couldn’t one of Fairphone’s 34 employees spend 10 minutes a day communicating with the 17,000 people who have paid up front for a product that seems to be still in the development stage?