Production update to come (Oct '15)

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that the Fairphone team is working on an update with production news for Fairphone 2 owners and community members.

Since the time we hit our crowdfunding goal the last week of September, we have been working to finalize and test the final prototype and get started for building pilot phones. I’ve taken some of your questions already and answered them in this thread of questions after the crowdfunding period.

As I understand it, the top questions from the community still to be answered are:

  • SAR rating
  • Examples of photos with the Fairphone 2 camera
  • Spare part prices
  • Battery tests or reports
  • Production photos and delivery timeline!

I can’t promise we’ll have all these issues answered this week, but we’ll try our best. If you have more questions, feel free to write them below. You’ll hear from us soon with more news on production.



Hey joe,

My name is Niklas, I’m 14 years old and live in the east of Austria. At first I have to say that I’m learning English only at school, so it’s not perfect, but anyway I hope you’ll understand me :wink: When I first read about Fairphone, I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and the company. Now I visit at least every second day. Espically in September, I often visited the web page to see how many fairphones were sold and I was very happy to see that at the end of September more than 17000 fairphones were sold. But after the crowdfunding period I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t see the latest sell numbers. So do you now how many fairphones are sold yet?

Best wishes,


There was even a bit of an outrage because of that :slight_smile:

And this was the answer:


Thanks for the information at @danielsjohan! :smiley:

The last figure I saw was ‘more than 20,000’.


Really? :smiley: Which date was that?

As of mid-October 2015, Fairphone had about 20,000 pre-paid orders for the second generation of its smartphone, van Abel told us.

Looks like my memory deceived me and it was ‘about’ not ‘more than’

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Hey @niklasgruenefeldt,

Welcome to our forum! As @danielsjohan mentioned - there was a little outcry from people that wanted the counter back. We’re working on it and hope to have it back up soon.

I can confirm that the sales are around 20,000 now as referenced in Ars Technica (thanks @kevr1990). It’s fun to watch along so we hope to get that counter up again. Take care-



If I had known my words would be taken literally (re: the counter), I would not have uttered a single one. For the record: I’m still breathing even without the counter. :wink:


Okay thanks for the fast answers! :smiley:

Now the front page says Delivery in November again. November starts on Sunday! So only a little while to wait.

I’m wondering if I will get my Andoid 5.1 FP2 before I get the Android 6 update for my nexus 7!


The Fairphone team wrote to Fairphone 2 owners at the end of September giving an expected timeline for delivery of ‘the latter half of November’.

More news about production and delivery soon!


The german website “” reports, that the delivery of the first Fairphone 2 is delayed to December:
Their source of information ist the Fairphone-website/-shop. They should have digged a bit deeper, maybe here in the forum, to get their information checked …
Two users clarify the situation in the comments (me included), but maybe the Fairphone-Team can contact them because of the publication of false information :wink:


present :slight_smile: (I hope, that they wont be right without knowing it in advance)


The “delivery date” note on the sales page changed from November to December for a while, indicating that handsets bought “today” would arrive in December. Now it’s back to November again :¬).

For us pre-orderers it probably never changed. Might get it before my birthday!!!

I’d be curious whether during distribution there will be an instruction on how to root the phone. Would that be voiding warranty (because if you do a mistake during rooting you can destroy the entire phone)?
I’d be interested in setting my phone up exactly the way I want to before using it every day.

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This is not entirely correct. Rooting in itself is not dangerous. It’s unlocking the bootloader on locked down phones. Sometimes, people say rooting, when they mean unlocking the bootloader also. Depending on device, unlocking can brick your phone. Fairphone stated that the bootloader will be unlocked, and that you will be able to install alternative oses. See blog post about Jolla, for example. Also, I think I remember a post or blog entry that even rooted you will not automatically lose warranty.



lklaus is right: unlocking is dangerous. I unlocked several phone and once had a Huawei nearly bricked. But Huawei has a mechanism to reload firmware with a not answering phone (I don’t know of other phones but samsung).

Rooting is easy: find the right “” for your phone and store it at root (main-folder) of your SD-card, unlock phone’s bootloader, insert SD-card, start phone in bootloader-mode, chose install ZIP, chose from SD-card and install. Ready.

Whats makes rooting dangerous is the ability to change everything on your phone e.g. delete any file from system and doing so to make your phone unusable.



I guess you might have seen it, @anon90052001, but I started a thread over here regarding the camera shutter lag. Some data on that would be great!


I’ll ask @Douwe, our new Community Manager, to check in on the question about rooting with our software team. And @humorkritik, I saw your thread but I don’t have any info to share about the camera shutter.