Production update to come (Oct '15)

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Are there already any later news about the “counter”? Would be great to hear something about it again :wink:
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does not look good from what I hear here. But I’ll keep on asking to bring it back. But hey, maybe ‘Number of Phones delivered’ would be an even more interesting counter on the website soon :wink:

We’ll see, I’ll keep you posted!


10 november 2015

20,626 phones sold

(I will update anytime I get new numbers)


Wow, that’s…worring :frowning: , less than 5 000 fairphones sold in 1 month, i hope that it will take off when the phone is going to be delivered ( reviews, tests, videos, will make it shine bright like a diamond over internet ! )

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There is still a difference between home page and shop page about delivery date.

Delivery begins in December (for those who already purchased). But on the shop for new customers/orders - then delivery is in January.

Yes a little confusing, but hopefully after production/delivery begins then it will be easier to talk about.


I think there is no incentive at the moment to get one because neither can you be part of crowdfunding anymore, nor will the phone be shipped anytime soon. I guess sales will lift off in January again, when the FP2 is in stock.


Remark :
if you buy a phone today, the “shopping cart” page will give you an “expected delivery : December 2015”.

Yes :smile:
I don’t understand why there is no simple gallery of live pictures of the phone on the shop website. It would attract/convince buyers…

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If I needed a new smartphone, my main issue with the FP2 right now would be that it’s not in the hands of normal mortals yet. I would wait for a reasonable amount of users’ feedback before I would jump. At least that’s what I did back in 2014.

And frankly I assume that’s holding back many others right now as well, even more so given it’s 200 Euros more expensive this time. So in my eyes it’s just a question of time when purchases gain traction again. :slight_smile:


But could maybe because at the moment there is no need to sell a lot more.
First priority: acomplish the current orders - then think about to sell more.
Plus: maybe that coulde be also a difference to apple & Co: give no extra arguments of buying a phone you not urgendtly NEED (not: want!) by providing to much shine HD-pics…If you need a phone, you do support the idea, you trust some reviews - you should buy it. Not because it only looks nice…just a thought…

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@Douwe thanks for the update! Hope to hear a bit better news soon :wink:

Hi Fred,

This was a known issue and should now be fixed. Thanks for the tip!

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I just buy one, and "expected delivery was January, that mean it will be December ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that makes perfect sense and is clear the way it is written

No. It was a mistake that it said December.

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Yes, it is fixed :smile: Good for the people buying these days.

I like the “early January” :slight_smile:

We want news/pictures from Suzhou !!! :blush:
(by the way the 2 recent videos on facebook are great!)

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I guess the next tranche of sales will be by the service providers who bulk purchased just before we hit the 15,000 … and THEN when people see them in the flesh, orders will pick up again.

… anyway only a few weeks to go for we kickstarters!

I got a general question : Did you order directly 15’000 phones at the 1st of october ? Or did you order more than that with preorders ? Is it important for you to order by big packs ?

todays number is:

22.046 phones sold


Thanks for the update :wink:

@Douwe can we expect a production update with more information (as promised in the last blog entry) this week?