What does com.fairphone.activator do?

I’m currently debloating the Fairphone. They did a pretty good job keeping it clean without any ad-apps like Samsung. I just had some provider apps which annoy peope to install more provider apps when inserting their SIM-cards, but that’s not a fault of Fairphone.

There are two apps from fairphone. com.fairphone.myfairphone, which I can bind to the app testing the modules and assisting the user on which module is faulty.
But there’s another I can’t bind to user functions:
What does com.fairphone.activator do exactly?

From the name it suggests being an app to notify Fairphone about a new device active somewhere, so it should be uninstalled with a debloat. But before I really want to make sure that it doesn’t disables any user functions.

It reads Fairphone Activation Logger as an UI name…
So I can only attach that to something like warranty checks or statistics for the Fairphone Company itself.

My current FP5 debloat list:

  • com.android.egg (Android EasterEgg when tapping the version number in settings)
  • com.android.dreams.phototable (Photo slideshow screensaver feature)
  • com.google.android.apps.youtube.music (Youtube Music, I don’t use it due to being subscribed to Spotify)
  • com.orange.aura.oobe (I’m not on the Orange provider, because it doesn’t sells phone service in Germany)
  • com.orange.update
  • com.tct.endusertest (seems to be a user feedback app on Blackberry and also on Fairphones from FP4 on)
  • com.telekom.tsc (German phone provider ads)

I basically want to keep all the google services, because I’m using them.

Using Canta with Shizuku enabled via ADB from a computer directly on the FP5, or the universal android debloater

Why not just switch OS? You have some choices (hopefully more in the coming months): Comparison of Android ROMs

I got it from my provider like two days before the release date and since then I’ll rather let the TWRP guys take some time to get a stable recovery ready and I’m waiting for comprehensive rooting tutorials to do it.

I’m kinda thinking back to the Nexus 4 times where rooting was just a factory reset and like two command line commands.

There is an unofficial TWRP available,

who knows if there will ever be anything official, FP4 isnt after 2 years, beside the fact that TWRP isnt that useful it was in the past

For rooting see here

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