TWRP for Fairphone 5

Here you can find TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) builds for the Fairphone 5.

Please remember that TWRP is not officially supported by Fairphone!



Uncompress the .gz file and then you can boot TWRP using: fastboot boot twrp-3.7.0_12_FP5-UNOFFICIAL-20230825.img

Known issues:

  • Encrypted userdata not supported

  • Vibration not supported

  • Other undiscovered things?

Please also note that Android security features like AVB (Android Verified Boot) & dm-verity might make your device unbootable if you tamper with some partitions. Keep your important data always backed up off-device!

Device repository (incl. build instructions):


Awesome! That was fast!

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Wow. Nice to see that one provided right off the bat. :slight_smile:


Is there any way you could provide the zip (or a modified boot.img) as well, so we can install it permanently instead of just manually booting into it with fastboot?

or am I getting something wrong here? Still used to having a recovery partition, I don’t know if I fully understand all implications of the A/B partitioning yet.

I yet need to receive my FP5 and there is already an unofficial TWRP… This is awesome.

@rob87 Well… fastboot boot [img_file] is for testing and is indeed loaded into memory.
Flashing can be done using: fastboot flash recovery [img_file], which I do not recommend yet, since I didn’t test it myself :lollipop: … (WARNING: This might and will override your recovery)

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Indeed be careful with such advice without the device in your hands or definitive sources.
There might not be a recovery partition to flash to (as the Fairphone 3 has shown, for example).


Hence my warning… :sweat_smile: . But still sharing it.

The More You Know The More You Realize You Don’t Know.

FP5 does not have a recovery partition. You have two boot partitions A/B and the recovery is installed onto those boot partitions. Simply flashing with fastboot flash basically works but will overwrite the whole boot partition resulting in a device which just boots into TWRP.

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I’ve honestly not really looked into how to install TWRP permanently. I assume it requires patching the ramdisk in the boot partition (like on Fairphone 3 like others mentioned). But from searching around a bit I think these instructions should apply to Fairphone 5 (haven’t tried myself though): _includes/fastbootabinstall.html - twrpme - Gitiles

So in short, there should be an “Advanced” > “Flash Current TWRP” option, or “Install Recovery Ramdisk” option that will permanently install TWRP.


there is no such option when booting TWRP. Just “Install TWRP App” but that’s not really effective. AFAIK the App only searches and applies updates for TWRP.