Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

In case you did not know, and probably in case the FP4 will come soon, there will be similar options


The last and only time I joined a smartphone manufacturer forum was around 2013. It was for the newly created Oneplus forum (before they began selling them).
The reason why I joined then was its fresh approach and community involvement.
However, as many of you know, Oneplus has changed. They still produce great devices, but the Oneplus spirit no longer exits (FYI - I am an owner of oneplus 8 pro).
I was excited to come across the Fairphone site. I love the concept of being a social aware and self repaired phone :blush:
Although, I am not about to purchase a new device in the near future, I would defenitely be following Fairphone.
Being that these devices are meant to last for years. I personally would like to see a more premium model:

  1. Wireless charging
  2. Stereo speakers.
  3. IP rating.
  4. +90 screen refresh rate (not sure of the rate of the fairphone 4).
  5. Enhanced security.
  6. Global shipping.
  7. Frequent updates.



Hi @Larrygold Welcome to the forum

This is not a ‘manufacturer’ forum but a ‘user’ forum, it just happens that the manufacturer has set the site up but they don’t moderate or read it.

Saying that Fairphone do look in from time to time and do notify of updates to the OS for example.

Hence 99.9%+ of the topics are by users as are 99.999% of the posts.

So if you want Fairphone to note your ideas or answer your queries you would be wise to contact support @ fairphone dot dah (.com)

The likelihood of a range of models is slim given the low sales figures, and the extra costs dealing not just with the concept of modularity and user repairability but more so the Fair wage and working conditions of the supply chain.

All the best.

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Hi, I’m new here. I’m browsing through the forum, getting to know Fairphone more as I anxiously wait for my FP4 to ship. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to be a Fairphone user.



I am Robert from Berlin. I love music, making music (especially electronic), my Fairphone and of course Amsterdam.

I am glad to have a community for all hints and stuff. That’s really cool!

Thank you and bye! :smiley:


Welcome. It may be good to hear that you can also post here in German.
Posts in German have a German flag in front of the subject.

Herzlich willkommen. Es ist vielleicht gut zu wissen, dass Du hier auch auf Deutsch posten können. Deutschsprachige Beiträge haben eine deutsche Flagge vor dem Betreff.


Thank you very much! Yes, I have already seen the german flag in front of some threads. I for myself prefer to write in English because of international audience.



I’m Ernesto from Porto, Portugal.

Love travelling, hiking, games (both video and board kind).

My current phone is on his last life so I pre-ordered the Fairphone 4.

Really like your vision about ethical, repairable and sustainable product.

Anything you want to ask feel free and if I can help in any way I will.


Welcome to our community, Ernesto! :hugs:

It’s great to see people joining us also from the smaller European countries :slight_smile: And nice to see you already said hello in the Portugal topic. While you might have noticed there – apparently – hasn’t been continuous activity there yet, it’s important to add yourself to the topic as sooner or later it might reach the “tipping point” to that. You might have also already noticed our local community address book and the Fairphone Angels, so let me just add one more suggestion here: In “slow” topics like the Portugal one, I would set the “notification intensity” (at the bottom of the topic) to “Watching” so you will be emailed once a new Fairphoner shows up there :slight_smile:


Of course, this can be changed at any time and in any topic.


Hi there,
Sam here. I’ve just purchased a new FP4. I’ve a background developing Android distros and look forward to working porting Lineage for the new FP4.


I read a lot of the forum when I pre-ordered my FP3, but just created an account.
I was pleased with it, and so 2 of my friends got theirs.
I will have to replace mine because of non-technical problems, so I’ll try to stay with fairphone.
Ideally, I would like to try /e/.
Have a nice day everyone :smiley:


Hi, I am Michael from Germany and just had the Fairphone 4 in the mail today (my first Fairphone).

One reason for abandoning my old phone (Huawei P30) are the annoying energy saving options that keep killing my apps, preventing important messages to get through. As Fairphone OS seems to be more more less vanilla Android, I am optimistic that these problems will now be behind me.

I am delighted to be part of this exciting project and hope that I will not need much help here :wink:


Hi and welcome to the forum

And there are options on the Fairphone if you miss the annoyances.
Stop notification, Stop background activity, Battery saver etc



I am JH from France.
I own a FP2 since mid 2019.
I experienced SIM card issues that were solved in 2020 by a repair covered by the warranty.

I am happy to be part of the FP adventure :grinning:


I am Beroun from Spain (Mallorca). I received a Fairphone 2 from a friend that has been using it since 2015 (and now owns a different phone) and I am excited to finally join this community! I wanted to get a Fairphone in December 2019 but the prices prevented me to do so, this time I looked into second hand (almost bought a 3+) and was rewarded with my friend having this spare phone.
Would like to meet with more people from Mallorca who own a Fairphone, although I do realise that the chance of someone from this island being in this forum is quite slim :smiley:

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to our community :slight_smile: My memory might cheat me, but I actually believe that Fairphone co-founder @mikiballester (you can also read from & about him in this topic) stems from your island, too. However, I think that as he is still with Fairphone in Amsterdam, he might not be seen in your area on a daily basis anymore. :wink:


Wow. If that’s the case I am proud that someone from here is part of such a great movement. I will try to get our/my island added to the list of spanish locations. :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m usually called bluefire, a new Fairphone user from Switzerland. I have been following the company for a while, until about three weeks ago I was finally able to buy my Fairphone 4!
My previous phone was a Motorola G5, four years old and started to fall apart… I repaired it with an IFixit Guide once, but now I think it was time for something new. The FP 4 is the first “real good and big” phone I buy for myself and therefore I started right off with registering the 5 year warranty and treating it very carefully. I hope it will last me at least 5 years, the more the better! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:
Very happy with it so far, an issue with the SD card (see other thread) but I can live with it. Overall I’m glad I got it and think it’s an impressive, good quality product. :slight_smile:


Hi maybe a link to the b’othe’ thread would be helpful :slight_smile:

Hello amoun, yes of course, here is the link (topic here on the forum):

SD Card Issue FP forum

I’m not the original poster, I added my experiences to the thread bc I thought the might be helpful to someone else.