Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hi. My name is Ronald. I really like the Fairphone concept. I love the idea of modular phones. I would like to know more details because I plan to switch to this platform. I might have some questions. Either way, I’m happy to join the community. You are implementing a great idea. Thank you ! :sunglasses:


Hi and welcome, this is only a user forum, none here implemented the idea. And although the phone is modular, which may be attractive to some, it’s fairtrade that is really the impetus.


Hi everybody! I’m Ed :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting into lineage OS recently and the only currently supported phone with a 64bit chip and an exchangeable battery seems to be the Fairphone! :open_mouth:

My current plans are to continue using my old phone until it breaks and then get whatever Fairphone is selling :slight_smile:


Hi Beroun, Sorry I reply so late. But indeed I’m a proud Mallorquin, living in The Netherlands for 15 years… :0 But I do go back to visit as often as I can! Nice meeting you!


Hello everyone!

Greeting from France !
I’m currently the owner of a FP3+ but considering switching to a FP4 as one my friend’s phone is dieing and she’s very interested by my FP3+. (I know this is not really the Fairphone ethic though ^^). Before that, I used to have Oneplus smartphones.
I’ve known this brand from work and I’m super happy with it.

Other than that I’m working in a tech support and I like testing stuff. My main fav topic regarding technologies are data privacy, open source and futur proof stuff.

See you around :slight_smile:


Hey! you’re fine.
The Fairphone primary ethic is Fairtrade for the mineral workers and factory workers.

What could be better that letting your friend have something they like and you investing in another Fairphone.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to ‘upgrade’ the phone, the relationship with your friend and enhancing all the Fairtrade basics.

I’m surprised that you even considered there was some poor ethics in doing so :slight_smile:

All the best.


Thanks for the kind words. Added some good points to switch on a FP4. :grin:

Be sure, I’m spreading the word about Fairphone ahah.


Seems like you are having fun. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: