Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hello, I am responsible for the procurement of iPhones at the company I work for. Far too often, a new one has to be bought because repairing it is uneconomical. I find the concept of Fairphone much better, which is why I now use the FP4 privately.


Hi there, Vanessa from the Netherlands here.

I received my long awaited Fairphone 4 about a month ago and absolutely love it. Best phone I have ever had and finally one that fits my lifestyle.


Hi and welcome not just to the forum but to the Fairphone experience.

keep it touch

all the best

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Thank you for the warm welcome, Amoun!

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I am Robin, located in Germany.
I have been following Fairphone for a while until I bought my FP4 early this year. Until now I am very happy :slightly_smiling_face:

My forum experience is only a little, but i am part of a couple facebook groups which could be comparable.




Hello! I’m Cris, located in the USA. My spouse and I have been interested in Fairphone for some time and we’re pleased to finally be able to switch over. I’m currently helping my spouse switch from iPhone to Fairphone 4, & when my Samsung dies I’ll be switching as well. :v:



As you’re in the US, this thread might be interesting to you if you didn’t find it already.


Hi Marco, hi all,

My name is Erwin Halmans and new to the forum.

I just started using an FP5, my third Fairphone. After owning an FP1, then an FP3, I’m now happily figuring out what’s what on my new FP5.

My FP1 was my first smartphone ever and it stayed with me untill app after app refused to run on an outdated Android version. Replacement was inevitable.

The FP1 was replaced by an FP3. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep its performance up to the level of my impatient character. After the latest Android update the startup proces takes 4-5 minutes and response times of apps and websites became really annoying. Maybe I should have joined this forum sooner and look for solutions to restore the performance.

I’m considering sending my FP3 back to Fairphone for recycling. However, an FP giftcard isn’t useful for me. Any suggestions are welcome. I’ll post a ‘for sale’ message in the ‘market’ section of the forum.

Kind regards,
Erwin Halmans


Hi everyone! :smiley:
I’m Lorenzo from Italy. I discovered Fairphone some months ago and immediately fell in love with the company and the idea behind their products. Two weeks ago my 5 years old Nokia 6.1 decided to abandon me, so I ordered the recently announced FP5. I can’t wait to start enjoying it. I really hope it is good enough to be recommeded to most users.
I’m also very excited to join this forum: it seems to me a very nice community of helpful and passionate people. :green_heart:


Welcome to our community @ErwinHalmans and @LorenzoCC! :wave: Good to read from you.

If you ever feel the interest to get in touch with Fairphoners beyond the virtual sphere, you might want to have a look at our addressbook.fairphone.community (hint: at least one of you two will find a nearby Fairphoner :wink: ).


Hi Fairphone community,

I am Susanne from Germany. My Smartphone journey started in Jan 2017 with the FP2 which I used since. For me it has always been a great device, perfect for my ethics and needs. I ordered the FP5 now and am looking forward to receiving it end of the month. Before the switch, I would love to join the “6 years FP2” club :smile:

THANKS to all who already contributed to this great forum which offers so much help and ideas!



Hi there!

My name is Nico, I’m from the UK. I heard about Fairphone for a while now, but never actually got around to buying one. I’ve always stuck with Samsung ever since I got my first phone. My S9 was starting to slow down, after having to replace the battery and charging port I realised I needed a phone that would last longer. That’s where Fairphone 5 came in for me. It ticked every box I was looking for from a phone manufacturer! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a headphone jack which I was sad to abandon, and it is slightly larger than I’m used to my phones being, but I’m a very satisfied buyer nonetheless! It’s great to support a company with such a noble cause :slight_smile:


Hello Nico, I bought my FP4 in February this year and treated myself to a FP audio adapter which plugs into the USB charger slot. The FP5 specifications state the following: USB-C 3.0 Can be used to connect SD-Card/Display (desktop mode)/Camera/Audio Amplifier directly.
Best wishes. Andrew

Hi everybody, I’m an old FP user that wants to come back. Since the FP 1/2 (which I bought and sold) a lot has happened in the Fairphone universe. Now I that my wasteful (but extremely good) Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro has reached the end of its software life, with no updates anymore (not even security updates, after less than 3 years!) I am looking for something that is long lasting, with decent hardware, possibly open (to try some other OS or android versions for example) and with a couple of function like call recorder and ir blaster. I understand that the latter is a Xiaomi exclusive (unfortunately) but the former is important for me. Now I’ll check if FP5 can have this function and see if I ever can afford it.

If only it was a bit lighter and smaller…


Hello, this is Hans-Peter from Germany, FP4 user with Murena /e/OS.
I bought my FP4 in the Murena online shop. I´ve been using the FP4 for 1.5 years or so and I am fine with it, but a little issue made me create an account here. Hobbies are our dog, listening to music, 3D printing, going into the woods etc.