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I’m a proud owner of an FP3 for a month now and I’ve been checking the forum’s topics for a while but until now I’ve not encountered many posts of Portuguese users.
I was thinking this topic could be used to trade experiences of FP users in Portugal. What do you think?
For example, I’ve been thinking of getting glass covers for my FP3 but I only found online options. Are there any stores in Portugal where I can get one?


You didn’t specify your region, but maybe this could be revived:

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Hello, I am FP2 owner in Porto (Portugal) and experienced a similar finding. Hopefully, I travel regularly to Toulouse (FR) where I find local support.


FP 3 owner (after a long process with a FP 2 - new life) for about 2 weeks, in Lisbon.
Love it!

Glass covers: online. Don’t think twice. I normally use this eBay seller (fast & afordable): https://www.ebay.ie/usr/protectionfilms24
Or look for: Fairphone 3 Glass Film Screen Protector Protection

Eduardo G.

So, my count is 6? :slight_smile:

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Hello, Im also in Portugal and I have found out a tempered glass from a different model that fits quite well in FP3. If you still interested I can give you the reference

Hello, not yet a Fairphone user but will be when mine arrives :smiley:

Nice to see some Portuguese here :portugal: