Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Is it just me or is that gif really annoying!?!
Trying to compare colours and they keep disappearing.
Ever heard of UI/UX…


These are protective covers - so like the bumper they would be covering the sides of the phone however they will also be covering the back. We are not talking about changing the color of the back cover.


A very important observation. A translucent cover would force Fairphone to consider how to deal with the FAIRPHONE lettering on both the back cover and the new protective case. Just doing without the original back cover probably isn’t a solution – it could destabilize the battery. Perhaps a translucent cover would just have to come without the lettering. Putting a translucent protective case with lettering on top of the back cover with lettering would hardly be nice to look at – essentially like you had bad eye sight.

In a way Fairphone had this before when they briefly brought transparent (slim) cases back for the FP2. The new batteries released at the same time dropped the vertical FAIRPHONE lettering (in favour or the horizontal “Change is in your hands” slogan) so there weren’t two FAIRPHONE letterings adding up to a T shape on the back of the phone.



Translucent cover will be for those who have already lost all of their back cover lettering :grinning:


Eh bien… vu votre attitude en faveur de l’environnement, vert semble bien naturel! Mais j’ai ouï dire que c’était malheureusement une couleur à fort impact environnemental: qu’en est-il?


That’s an interesting question… What colouring agents will be used, and which one is least harmful?


Yep. I voted for those too.
Not gonna change it! Am stubborn.

This raises important questions about delivery methods, and the airspeed velocity thereof.

Where’s the option for black? I guess blue would be my 2nd choice so I voted for that.

Black is already in production, so this is about two more colours.


These pastel colours are quite annoying!
No fresh or agressive colour. They are so cosy and …WTF (ups sorry)
Perhaps a different sample board?

Maybe that’s because aggressiveness is not, what Fairphone is about. :wink:

Well, but they might offer more colors later, if the phone sells really well and people demand it.
To me the phone with bumper is absolutely sufficient.


I agree. Some strong colours including a nice, warm foresty green.


The colors are not really green, blue, red etc… they are mint, sky blue(which is the brand color and also associated with melancholy), salmon etc.
I would’ve preferred darker tones myself, especially brown or pale brown. It would’ve made more sense to stay in the earthy color palette which brown is part of.
I think the next two colors should have feminine/masculine balance, blue shade is rather masculine, green and orange are neutral, red and yellow I think more feminine and pink would be reserved for unicorns.


I rather hope, that this feminine - masculine nonsense is not driving Fairphone’s decisions.
Historically seen the color pink has been worn by everyone. It’s a thing of the 20th century (and modern marketing possibly) to frame the color that way.

And I even will not start thinking about the rest of this color mapping.
It’s just fashion! Nothing more, nothing less (apart from a certain protective function). :wink:


I need at least 4 different colours – one of me, one for my wife, one each for the kids.


Ahh, now I understand that these covers are not the backside of the phone, as on my FP2, but only protection covers.

Thanks, Bert, for the headsup.