Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

A bit gaudy, perhaps?

Totally agree. The association of the colors is something personal, what everybody rates different.

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It’s Super Tuesday, you Reds, Yellows and Pinks
… you will need to endorse Orange if you still want to make your vote count :wink:


I wouldn’t call it just fashion, it is also tradition, and the world is very much traditional, including the Buddhist monks.

From reading below it looks as if a lot of people think that translucent will show off the internals of their phone — but this is just a cover to attach onto the existing back of the phone, right? So “translucent” is really just going to be an even more opaque version of the existing smoky grey phone inside?

Also this majoritarian voting system prevents any consensus from arising among the more interesting colours, and gives people who would have voted for black a free bonus vote to use on yet another boring colour. Next time try using a preferential voting system so you get a bit more diversity, and include black so that that people who like boring don’t get a free vote? Black, green, grey and blue will leave you with a very one-note range.

Example ranked vote on OpaVote. Maybe people could try voting here instead?

EDIT: too few voters, but results here, in case you’re interested to see the calculations.


Please yellow, then the FP3 would have some bee vibes :honeybee:

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I’m really fascinated, to what depth of thinking and arguing such a simple poll leads.
Wouldn’t have guessed the importance of design for the FP. :thinking:

Just one point:

What good is voting on a color, that is being produced anyway, since black seems to be the color most asked for (if my memory serves me right, there were lots of complaints, that the FP2 was lacking a black cover).

I would not place a bet on it, that this poll is the one deciding factor for those colors. FP will and should do some real market research besides this forum of non representative users.
So, do not feel deprived by this polling.

It’s kindof too late now, but if the production of black hadn’t been advertised, then you’d be able to find out how popular black was too. As it is, everyone who wants black is getting to vote for two other colours, so effectively getting to choose their top three colours, while everyone who doesn’t want black is only getting to choose their top two colours. Consequently the result of the vote will lean towards whatever people who like black like next (probably blue and grey).

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Nokia 8110 with KaiOS

(Yes it is a remake)

Yes, before the 20th century (EDIT: IIRC even the first part of 20th century still but I’m not sure), boys wore pink. You can witness this in old art and such.

That being said, I only ever see pink iPhones and Apple Watch with women (and that is also usually feminine women). I have never seen a man with one. Not once.


Good point, there are many (better) alternative voting systems than the one which was used here.

Here’s my notes on the matter.

Ability to vote for colour is not bound to a sale either. It is not guaranteed that those who vote will buy. In fact, why would you buy multiple backs? I already got a protective cover myself.

Also, the ability to see the results before you vote aids in strategic voting which I (in jest) mentioned Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

As for the solution you provided it is too late now, but we can help educate Fairphone in other solutions.

I tried your preferential voting system. It allows me to put pink last, just because I dislike it, but should I have this power? Does it matter which one I prefer as #6 or #7 or #8?

As for the lack of choice. I loved the indigo with FP2, in a way I am glad it is no longer available. Its part of a period in my life where I used the FP2; now it was time for something else.

Yes, that absolutely is important. One of the major points of STV is that every vote is used up almost completely in order to elect the winners (unlike first past the post where in the last UK election for example three quarters of votes were ignored), and in a close competition (check out Cavan-Monaghan in Ireland’s last election, where 5,000 voters’ eleventh preferences determined the final winner) your last two or three preferences may well get used.


Exactly, and because of that, it should be possible to state no preference (which opa did not allow). Forcing someone to put #6 #7 and #8 in their correct order when they do not care about these causes negligence.

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FIRST (and in my opinion most important in this case): it is just an opinion poll and not exactly decision making. As the poll states:

(Bold face by me!)

Some additional thoughts on the last point in discussion:

But does this really make it more fair or exact or better. Can you be sure, that this 11th preference is a preference and not just a filling up of vote counts? As you can see from the count rigth now, there are 1,519 voters, but just 2,669 votes. Therefore 369 voters (24.3%) cast just one vote and did not use up teir votes.
I easily could cast eleven votes for colors, but I honestly could not exactly order eleven colors by my liking. And if you give me 50 colors to chose from, I will most likely struggle to name the 11 prefered ones. The longer the list, the harder to do (for me, that is).
So, how about everyone can pick up to 50 colors from the RAL palette. Would that yield a more accurate result? And if someone just loves one color, can this person cast 50 votes on that color.
Try to find a voting system, that is transparent and fair and takes everything into consideration. You will make a fortune, if you happen to find one. There are so many voting systems out there, all having their pros and cons and being adjusted time and again …


This is an interesting subject you wouldn’t expect to find in a place like this, but considering the contingent I’m not surprised either. Voting sucks if everyone has a vote Plato thought… Any place any country those who lose voting assume the worst, rigged votes, wrong voting system, or disinformation, which probably are all true to an extent. An yet it kind of works, but not really, just enough not to blow up into anarchy. But people get a kick out of it too, it’s fun while it lasts.

Yes, people do research on this stuff. An example metric is to count the number of disagreements between votes and the result (e.g. if black comes out higher than red in the result, you count the number of people who disagree, then do the same for all pairs of colours and total those numbers). Lots of other factors come in though, such as complexity, as exemplified by your next comment:

I set up that vote in a way that required you to rank all the colours, on the assumption that most people can probably rank eight different colours for preference. I could have chosen otherwise, and left you free to only vote for red if you wanted. That’s fine, and it’s also the case in the Irish vote: those five thousand voters didn’t need to, but they cared enough about their last three options to rank them.

In the UK every time preference/proportional voting comes up the media say “ohh but it’s so complicated people won’t understand”, but it seems that in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and most of Europe the population can cope. I agree that being forced to rank all of 50 colours would be pretty tough, but eh, we have eight.

I also agree that ultimately this is a lot of fuss about nothing. I was just pointing out that a flawed poll will give you flawed results.

Just to be clear, OpaVote does allow that, it was me who chose not to allow it! :shushing_face:

Hi @BertG, apologies for being so slow. I was really excited to read all the in-depth feedback in this comment thread and then got stuck doing everything but this. Anyways… Thanks so much for pretty much filling in for me, along with @urs_lesse, @paulakreuzer, @Stefan and so many other awesome community members helping out with questions.

About the specific question: It’s exactly like you suggested above - A (bio based) rubber protective case, that wraps around the side of the phone, like the bumper would, but covers the back as well. There are currently no plans to offer alternative back covers, as we’re focussing on more functional accessories first and a lot of you have been asking for a proper protective case :slight_smile:

I’m in the office for the rest of the week, so available for more Q&A’s, if there’s anything on your mind. And that counts for everyone else too :slight_smile

Appreciate the support @BertG


Also keep in mind anyone can register multiple times with sockpuppets, proxies, and the like.

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Wow! Let’s start with this: Thanks for providing some context to this poll @BertG. Like @lorahaspels wrote in our initial post, this was meant to give our community the chance to chime in, be heard and get first access to shape our internal discussion - with a poll, but also the great discussion happening in the comment thread - when it then comes to producing these cases. It was never about highest vote-count wins, no matter what.

However, I do understand where you’re coming from @conrad and that’s certainly a great suggestion we will look into for future polls, where the topic calls for a different format. To a certain extent, I understand and share your frustration with these systems overall - especially in the current global political situation.

I’d like to take this chance to take a step back and paraphrase @existentionaut: One of the many things that make this forum amazing is that a post on protective case colors turns into a civilized debate about the fundamentals and ethics of voting. That’s brilliant! And it speaks to the type of community that gathered around Fairphone. I personally did not expect it to go there, but that does not mean that I don’t value you challenging us on this and pointing it out. The same goes for the back and forth on this comment thread. Really makes me proud to be a part of the community and I’ll work to free up more time for these discussions in the future, as I’m now a little late to the party.

Long story short: Kudos to everyone on this discussion for the great feedback, the critical questions and the challenges. We will follow up with a blogpost detailing our decision on the cases soon.

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of us, if you have further questions, input, concerns and/or advice.



Translucent is popular as expected.
Did already go some thought into the letters at the back of the phone in case a translucent cover gets produced? …