Transparent protective case for FP3

I would like to buy a transparent backcover for my Fairphone 3. Does anyone know if this is already in the market? i can’t find it via Google.

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Here you go:

While Fairphone apparently hasn’t got stock of the back cover for the FP3 yet, some dealers like Germany-based Vireo already have it. But I’m not sure if this is actually what you are looking for or if you are actually hoping for different back covers (none exist yet).

This looks like the back cover of the Phone, not like a extra casing… Am I right?

So it does not give extra protection…

So, you want a transparent case around the phone, including the back you mean? I know of very cheap stuff from China, but I think that would go against the case of Fairphone (pun intended) imho.


You mean like a silicon protective cover? I’ve been looking for that for my FP2 for a long time. I’ve given up looking for it now. I just accept the cover and ‘bumper’ as they are, with an extra felten cover for in my bag.

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Nope. Too little devices to make this economical. If Fairphone itself does not order and offer such a protective case, we will probably never see it.

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Will you sell a protective case?

We’re currently in the process of designing a protective case for the Fairphone 3 that will make as little impact on the environment as possible.


You can vote now for the colour of an upcoming FP3 protective case. “Frosty (Translucent)” is one of the options:


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