Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Are you sure, that it’s a Fairphone you want?
With the FP you pay extra for social and ecological responsibility when producing the phone.
I really don’t get it, that the design can be a dealbreaker with the Fairphone.
Sorry, but that’s just my personal opinion of course. :wink:


red, red or red
signalred if possible

all the other colours has no style! only my seven cent!:wink:

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Vis A Vis :sunglasses:

Noir is sad
Bleu is too much FP2
Rouge is too much IPhone
Orange is too much Orange
The others colors are too much pastels colors,
So I say GREEN, it’s hope, nature, environnement !

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But please make sure that the sticking logo letters on the back are not coming off anymore or choose a different method to make the logo. I went from owning a FAIRPHONE to owning a FON in a few months. Which was pretty funny at first, but now I own a FO and people are not sure what to think of it.


Could I cast both of my votes on the Frosty one? Imagine putting a printed photo (or solid color for those who really want a specific one) behind it to get a completely original look of your phone.


The picture does not reflect the options, does it?
Also all of the colours seem to be from one pallete, which would be great if anyone wanted 7 matching phones.
But to get a wide coverage of people’s likes you could experiment with wider range of esthetics.

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They say that having all those choices in life, for example when buying a product, won’t make a person happy/ happier. Often even the opposite…

Now choosing two colours wasnt only difficult, as I find these colours truly beautiful, but then you see the results to find out that my number two (yellow) is at the bottom. Long story short, this didn’t make me happy! LOL


The fact that I had no choice between different models – thus no need to break my head about which one would suit me best – when Fairphone originally launched the FP1 was one of the most convincing features for me … :smiley:

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A static image would’ve been much more helpful than a gif that alternates through the cases tha fast. Also, a render of how the phone would look with them would also be appreciated.

That said, I vote for the frosty/translucid that allow to see the components inside, not only it looks really cool but also helps to stand out a bit from competitors. Red is also nice.

I couldn’t agree more with @BertG on this.
If that is meant seriously (which I just hope it isn’t), then … just … Wow.


Personally, I love them all! But you ask us to choose just two… I hope all of them to be available in the coming months or years :ok_hand::+1:


Only one problem with this though…
It is ridiculously ugly


ps. also stating that pink is female is of course very gender-biased, as if men can’t like pink :yum:

As for my own choice: I would like translucent and yellow. Not that I like yellow, but I have seriously never seen anyone around with a bright yellow cover on a phone. All other colours I have seen.


I zoned out slightly when I was inputting my votes. I went with Red and Blue, but I’m loving that Green is in the lead.


I’m missing purple! Also I wish all colors were translucent, it’s cool. :smiley:


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You’re not alone with that idea @Taiya :slight_smile: we’ll look into it

If I get it right, and from the looks of the cover (the hole for the camera), this is a kind of rubber sleeeve, you put over the FP3, covering the sides and the back of the phone.
Therefore every translucent protective cover will let the original black-translucent cover shine through.
Or is this really the back-cover, that is replaced

Then the side of the phone still would be black and the color would just be for the backside of the phone.
Or is it really a complete new casing replacing all the black casing, so one would have to do some heavy screwing to change the cover.

@Blaffi @lorahaspels: Maybe you could help to clarify this question, that @urs_lesse has posted in this tread already 3 days ago (first answer in this thread) and that is still wairting for an answer (unless I have missed it).


About your “pink-remark”: Think Rainbow :wink:

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