Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues

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To my knowledge the wiki is current, i.e. you should do as it says. In that case: " Requires Fairphone Opensource OS 18.04 (or Fairphone OS 18.04), not tested on other releases."


But does that mean that it doesn’t work with other releases or does that mean it should/could work with other releases but it’s not tested yet. :thinking:


Just try it out and report back here.
What could go wrong? :wink:
Worst case you flash Fairphone Opensource OS 18.04 afterwards and start over.


It might work with other quite recent Android 6 based FP Open OS releases. It certainly won’t work with Android 7 based releases like 19.02. Instructions tell how to get back to Android 6 base.


I think 18.04 was the last Android 6 release. So I’d say just use that exact version :wink:


Yes, 18.04 was the last Android 6 release and that is the reason why it’s still used as base for Sailfish OS.


…and it worked for me, I am now on the FP2 running on Sailfish OS, thank you, mal! I will hand it over tomorrow.


I’m currently running Ubuntu Touch 16.04 OTA-8 on the Fairphone and it works surprisingly well. So I’ll postpone my Sailfish OS installation a bit. As far as I know, the Sailfish source code still isn’t available, right?


Which source code? Sailfish is mostly open source, but partly closed source, just like Nokia’s Maemo and successors have always been. What you’re using is a community edition. It lacks features, most notably Alien Dalvik (the Android emulation layer). Without that, it is IMO difficult to use the device as your sole, primary smartphone device but YMMV.

See also e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailfish_OS#Community_enthusiasts’_ports_to_devices_from_other_vendors