Using LineageOS on the FP2

Same here. But you can change the user picture within the contacts app - it is the picture of the contact “ICH” (German) or “ME” (English).

Edit: Sorry, I mixed up profile picture with user picture. What I meant was, I cannot change the user picture directly within Settings > Users, but I am able to change the user picture within the contacts app. But I am not sure if this is what you meant?

Bluetooth Low Energy works well for me with a Pebble 2 with or without GPS enabled.

Is the non-working UPnP a general LineageOS issue, or is only the
FP2 port affected? I always used DroidUPnP from F-Droid.
I have no other LineageOS device here, so I cannot test.

It seems to be a problem with the DroidUPnP app. It got an update, that isn’t in
F-Droid yet.

But I noticed several times, that when I leave my wifi in the morning, I am completely
disconnected at work. Mobile internet does not work then. Disabling and re-enabling
mobile data does not help. The statusbar does not show any error. I have to reboot.
I was not albe to reproduce this. Maybe the switching from LTE to Edge and back.
Anybody else with such an issue?

Hey @mase
same issue here. And I cannot reproduce it either.
cheers charlie

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I have the same issue. Status says, that it’s connected via LTE, but no LTE-Icon does show up in the statusbar and only a reboot solves this. Not a big problem though. :wink:

Same issue with me. Doesn’t happen very often but I have to restart the phone when it does

I am still on the open Fairphone OS 5.1 because I did not risk to have a unusable phone, while I am at holidays in Ireland. Now, back in Germany, I have to decide to update to the coming open 6-android or the LineageOS.
My question:
Is it possible, that we will get Lineage security updates in a comparable frequency we are used with the Fairphone OS?
My tendency is to switch to Lineage.

I think you get them the day they are released upstream at the official LOS repositories. So no, not comparable. Much faster! :wink:

PS.: Well at least if you activate OTA updates.


Sounds realy great !!!

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Yup, it does. I’m subscribed to the android security bulletin which informs about the android security patch levels and when I see this is committed to Lineage I’ll trigger a build.

But: This does not guarantee security. On the kernel level there is still active development needed to be up to speed on patching the latest CVE’s.
Just painting you the full picture; I would love to see you on the Lineage-train, but if security is that important to you, you should maybe stick to the official builds.


Thank you snevas!
This sounds different from Stefans statement indeed. But i am just a user, not a programm developer, so I realy only understand, that the Lineage patches may come some days (weeks?) later than the Fairphone ones. And if it is only a few days, it dosn’t matter to me.

I’m also not a developer, but I just talked to one:
Disregard what I said earlier, the kernel for lineage is build from the same sources as the ‘official’ Fairphone ones.
So the Lineage build is not less secure from this perspective :slight_smile:

My apologies for the confusion haha.


But you have to keep an eye on the modem updates and flash them manually.
Isn’t it possible to include them in the built? Or is that a question of license?
I did not examine, but I think, official LineageOS builts include the modem files,
don’t they?

I bought a used FP2 with lineage os. for the time being, it would like to use it with fairphone os. How do i switch it back?

Boot to TWRP, do a factory reset there and flash the “binary image” from here with fastboot.


I downloaded the to my phone, backed up my data and cache via TWRP, wiped my phone, installed Lineage, and although I get the line “E:unknown command [log]” in succession, rebooting the system and getting Lineage to go worked fine. however, restoring the data in TWRP and rebooting the system gets me stuck in the Lineage booting screen.
can anyone help me with that issue?

Are you trying to use the FPOS data with Lineage? I don’t think this could work.

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I hope with “the data” you don’t mean your files (pictures, downloads, ringtones etc.) in Internal Storage as TWRP doesn’t backup those, and explicitly states this when backing up … you need other means for backing those up before wiping them, e.g. syncing them to the internet or locally (MyPhoneExplorer works great).

Out of curiosity I’m checking out LineageOS at the moment, so far thumbs up :+1: .

Fairphone Open OS (Android 6) has a stock voice dial App (German: Sprachwahl). That App is gone after installing LineageOS 14.1. It doesn’t matter much to me whether that’s a LineageOS or Android 7 thing,

Edit: Fairphone Open OS (Android 5) had a stock voice dial App (German: Sprachwahl, I just checked with a restored backup and it was gone already in Android 6). I don’t need the App currently, but just in case:

What do you use as an alternative for voice dialing in LineageOS?

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no, I actually backed up my data to the internal storage, so I am aware of that. with “data” I meant apps, my settings and profiles within them, text messages, and so on. anyways, I’ll go back to FPOS, try MyPhoneExplorer and then do the whole thing again. thanks!