Using LineageOS on the FP2

I can confirm device encryption works!


I’m now using LineageOS for one week, and I’m really happy of it!

However, I find the charging screen really boring (just white lines moving), could it be possible with adb to replace it with the regular FP charging screen ?? I know lots of cool stuffs can be done with adb like changing the splash screen with @roboe tool :slight_smile:

I was able to transfer from OpenOS almost all my apps/data easily with Titanium. Two apps are more recalcitrant:

  • Pkmn GO: with Tingle + MicroG + UnifiedNLP it was still not enough (even if SafetyNet pass…), I unrooted today with the unroot zip and the app launched :smiley: ! I’ll make some tests in the future for root-hiding apps…
  • With root, my bank app works only partially: their helpdesk says their app doesn’t like root or modified OS… Now with unrooted LineageOS it works like before on unrooted OpenOS…

(You wanted to say fastboot, not adb)

Changing the splash is a lot easier because it resides on its own splash partition. However, the charging animation resides in the boot partition, AFAIK, and boot contains kernel, plus initramfs (read: initial RAM filesystem) and other critical and important stuff for the phone to boot and work properly. Changing it could be done probably patching your device’s boot image, but it’s less trivial to do, and has to be done again with every update. You can’t just flash the older version’s boot image and, for the same reason, you definitely can’t make a flashable ZIP (that’s possible for splash images, though noone did that yet).

Read this official announcement from LineageOS: SafetyNet – LineageOS – LineageOS Android Distribution

Unluckily, things like that are happening for custom ROMs for now on, because Android ecosystem is becoming more and more closed and closed platforms are not willing to transfer the control to the user (just the opposite).


Thank you for your answer, @roboe! I had no clue where this animation resides, now I understand it better. If this is so untrivial it’s better to keep it like that…
Anyway, each time I’m asking myself that kind of question, I found answers on this forum, and each manipulation/customisation/change of OS/… bring me a better knowledge and view of how is this smartphone working :slight_smile: Many thanks to this awesome community !

Concerning SN, I’m aware of the position of LineageOS and I respect them. What is interesting to me is that by doing the same steps as in OpenOS you can run the same apps on LineageOS :relaxed:
In other words, by having the same functionalities as before I can therefore stay with LineageOS as main OS :wink:


Good morning everyone, hope this is the right topic.

I have installed lineage and everything seems to work pretty well so far, but I do have some problems regarding battery drains that are pretty annoying.

I noticed that google play service is consuming a lot of energy, around the 15 and the 20% according to my battery stats!

Is somewhat normal or there is actually something strange? Can someone give me an advice on how to fix it?
Thank you all in advance! :slight_smile:

Go to Settings/Privacy/Privacy Guard/Advanced (3 dots top right).
There you have access to advanced controls of the apps in which you might want to check out the “start at boot”, “run in background” and “keep awake” features.
Did a world of good to my battery life, I rarely finish the day below 50% now!


After doing the migration for the OTA fix (build number c55f5cadfd9), I’ve noticed some quick battery draining and random reboots, strangely happened 3 times whilst using Twitter. Everything seems fine at the moment but keeping an eye on the battery.

+1 more satisfied user using the LineageOS Port for the FP2 with device-encryption! :tada:

I wonder if it’s possible to get a number of acutal LOS-users with the FP2? Well, the installation is still some kind of tricky, but I guess there are already quite a lot of people using it.

Did somebody already experienced a problem with the LED not working while the phone is being charged?
Furthermore after I unplugged it, it rebooted right away (twice already)…

@chrmhoffmann, do you have a patron-account or a paypal-address or a bitcoin-hashcode or some other way to receive some money? I know open source doesn’t need to be paid, but out of respect for the work you have done, I want to spend some money! :slight_smile:


Yes indeed, for me also: no LED when charging. I’m running 14.1-20170626-UNOFFICIAL-FP2 with drivers 4275.1-FP2-0-09.

I never had that behaviour…

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Hi all,

I got a question about privacy irt Lineage OS. The first time I used this app a pop-up appeared with a url which was something (it disappeared quite quickly) like ‘connectivitycheck.gstatic…’ Does this mean that I’m still captivated in the G-web everytime I use the default browser app / can google follow me if I use this app?


Looks like the site that Android attempts to access on a WiFi connectivity change to check whether there is a captive portal on that network. If it finds that there is one (because the connection attempt returns data other than the expected response), you get a the ‘tap to sign into network’ notification.

So probably not related to any specific app, but related to the OS.


It happens when you connect to wifi. Then Android does a connectivity check and requests a HTTP 204 from a Google server in california. If the wifi is an open with portal login, then the window appears. Otherwise nothing happens, but the connectivity check happens everytime you put wifi on. If you want to disable this, you need to do following command:

settings put global captive_portal_mode 0

You have to re-enable this, if you want to connect to a network through a captive portal. Otherwise you can coose any other server for connectivity check with this commands:

settings put global captive_portal_http_url $URL
settings put global captive_portal_https_url $URL

For example noisyfox generates HTTP 204 (http(s):// Thats how Copperhead OS solves this issue


Hi Pat, tnx :slight_smile:! Unfortunately I don’t know how I can write these commands on my phone. Can you tell me what I have to do to be able to do this?

First activate “Developers Options” in “Settings”. Go to “About phone” and press a few times on “Build number”.

Then go to “Developers Options” and enable “Root access” (App only) and “Local terminal”.

Now you can open the Terminal-App. Enter
and then the commands i write in last post. After that its your choice to disable root again.


Awesome. Thank you for those instructions, that the last Gobble thing I didn’t know how to disable! :top:


Great! tnx :relaxed:. For now I just disabled the connectivity check.

Hi everybody, another question on privacy. I saw in Privacy Guard that the app ‘Android System’, after putting my phone on, monitored my location (fine) 18 times! There are more issues like this. For example the ‘Phone Services’ app used ‘write sms’ 350 times and ‘read sms’ 55 times since activiting my phone just 18 minutes ago.

What’s happening here and why? How can I prevent this from happening?

tnx again!

Strange, i only receive notification mail after your responses, dupdup.

“Phone Services” acts as middleware somewhere between modem and SMS app. It’s similar with “Android System” regarding location, but it’s difficult to track in detail. In this case i think it’s sufficient to block communication of these modules with iptables (AFWall+). It takes some time to find a good configuration which doesn’t prevent essential functionality to work, but then it’s a powerful filter.

You’re welcome

I’ve been using Lineage for about two weeks. I have three issues (well more, but I’ll start with these two)

  1. I cannot change my profile picture. I can select the foto, but after saving, nothing changes. I would just like to know, if you can change it, or if it is a bug. But no need for fixing - just want to know if it’s PEBCAC.
  2. Does anybody use low energy Bluetooth with Lineage? I have a pedometer (Schrittzähler), which needs GPS-on to connect (after writing to the app-company, it’s because of low energy bluetooth) I switch on GPS, but the app does not recognize it - so I can’t connect the pedometer.
  3. In the Settings -> Developer settings --> USB-config I chose MTP, but each time I connect USB, it’s in charging mode… WHY?
    But overall totally happy!!!

It’s a safety feature - if anyone finds your phone and connects it to USB, he can’t read your data.
I think it’s standard Android behaviour.