Upgrading from *official* 14.1 to 15.1 (feedback/issues)

Remember that Macs with iCalendar need a different path than the rest. It says, in Nextcloud Calendar, on the bottom left “export” two different paths. Verify you’re using the correct one.

If that doesn’t help, please verify you followed these guides:



Some experiences since the 15.1 release:

  • Bluetooth is much more unstable: It takes a very long time before a connection is established. Very often I have to pair again and again to get a Bluetooth connection. It doesn’t matter which Bluetooth device I use (headset, car).

  • Deactivating SIM slot 2 does not seem to work. The signal bar disappears. I still receive SMS via SIM slot 2.

  • SIM slot 2 is always activated when restarting, although it has been manually deactivated.

  • The SIM PIN dialog often does not appear after a reboot. Workaround: Switch flight mode on and off.

Currently I am on the release 15.120180820-NIGHTLY-FP2.


@chrmhoffmann now that FP have updated Android 7 to fix the crash when doing mobile connectivity test in Checkup, is it possible to implement this in Lineage? It’s remained broken since 14.1

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What is Checkup?


The Fairphone app to check modules and test the phone is working. It is in the play store too but so far there isn’t a new version released since 2016 so I’m not sure if Fairphone have made a change to the app or within FOS to enable that particular bit to work


Thank you. It solved both the problems: the one related to call and switch off of the screen and the one related to volume adjustment during a call.
I already upgrade to latest modem during lineage OS testing build and maybe after the upgrade to official build I should had to reinstall it.

Installing lineage does not change/touch/update/downgrade the modem firmware.



OK thank you. Why did it happen? Maybe a new version of modem?

The Checkup app which comes with FPOS 18.08.1 beta is newer than the one in Play Store (2.1.9 vs. 2.1.1). So they probably fixed the app.

Could you get the apk and we could see if that fixes it… I suppose they will update the play store once android 7 is out of beta

Here you go (remove .pdf extension, can’t upload .apk): com.fairphone.checkup.20109.apk.pdf (2.2 MB)


That works and fixes the problem. Woohoo!


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NetGuard isn’t working on LOS 15.1. How can I disallow internet for example for amaze? I only can find the option to allow/disallow “storage”.

Hi all,

I just made the upgrade with the latest version (September the 3rd I think). I had to update TWRP first, I also flashed the Pico Open gapps package and everything gone fine. After first boot I could read/write my SD card but after a reboot, it becomes “Corrupted”. Lineage OS offers to format SD card to “repair it” but it remains “corrupted”. A mentioned by Christian_Michel above, I can read my SD card on a computer, so after a backup, I’ll try to format it to ext4 too.

P.S.: should have post it in “lineage-15.1-20180903-nightly-FP2-signed.zip feedback thread”


Ah! Ich hatte nur unter ‘Berechtigungen’ gesucht. Danke!
Der Nachteil gegenüber NetGuard ist wohl, dass man nur Hop oder Top einschalten kann, und nicht regulieren kann, welche speziellen Seiten nicht aufgerufen werden dürfen.

Sorry, I don’t speak German, :man_shrugging:. But “no problem” for the “Danke!” part, :slightly_smiling_face:


today I have updated with TRWP 3.2.3-0 from official 14.1 to 15.1
The update went well - thanks a lot

But unfortunately I have some Problems:

  1. how can I get root access I have flashed Magisk 17.1 together with LineageOS but it’s not recognised (detected at all) and I can’t change anything in TRUST - so no Root access!!!
  2. how can I install apks like fdroid I can’t get the permission

I’m now back on 14.1 because I need Magisk and Nanodroid as I don’t want to use Google apps but would be gratefull for some help as 14.1 is no longer maintained…
But LineageOS without Magisk und Nanodroid makes no sense for me would that mean goodbuy to Fairphone?

Magisk was mentioned a few times … I don’t use it, but perhaps there was something helpful already …