Update via Updater app no longer seems to work

I try to update my Fairphone OS from 18.09.2 to 19.02.1. What happens is that after the reboot, I end up in a TeamWin recovery project screen with several buttons. If I choose to reboot (and ignore the scary warning that no system seems to be installed on the device), my old FP OS boots normally.

I should note that I previously had to update manually, and can do so now again. But it bugs me that the Updater app doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Anything I can do to fix this? No Play Store, btw.

Probably your system partition (or any of the others) is not in original shape (eg by rooting,…). Then OTA update is not possible (only manual). You’ll find more details in recovery when you go to advanced-> copy log-> copying logs to SD card.


Yes, the update says it cannot find the system partition. Come to think of it, this could originate from restoring my phone using TWRP after some issues.

Is there any way I can fix this, so I can use the updater app in the future? Or should it now work after I did the manual update?

Did you find this message where I had mentioned you could?
It “works as designed” (is normal here) that built in TWRP claims a missing system partition.

I saw it in the console during the update. A red line indicating that the system partition cannot be found.
Since I already updated using the manual updater, I can no longer recover the log files, I suppose.
And I didn’t the the last line you wrote. If I backup using TWRP, and later restore it, should that work?

I may have to try it anyway, because I have many unprovoked reboots since I updated. I may have to revert to my backup.

That’s a normal output line (although it sounds strange) during OTA update.

Yes, except that /data/media (i.e. the internal common storage) is not included in normal TWRP backup.

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