UBports download challenge (next target: 2,500!)

Ubuntu Touch is the touch-friendly mobile version of Ubuntu Linux. Originally designed and developed by Canonical, the operating system now lives on in the UBports community. Which means 100% community-driven and independent.” (quote taken from the ubports homepage)
Ubuntu Touch therefore is one possibility of a free and open OS without any “Google-touch” whatsoever. The Fairphone 2 is one of three “Core Devices”, which " are the devices that will receive all the new features, critical security-updates and bug-fixes from UBports. These devices will soon be rebased on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Until then, the existing legacy image (based on 15.04) can be installed."

Right now Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone 2 seems to be the most popular free OS besides FP Open; even more often used, than Lineage (based on published statistics).

Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone is realised through a really active community, represented in this forum by @wouterx, @applemuncy, @Plien who all have at some time contributed to the Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch - Thread.
And a special thank you of course goes to @NeoTheThird and @oli.sax, who are managing the Ubuntu support in that thread.

Be a part of that great community or at least give it a try!

Ubuntu Touch is at 2,001 downloads already, a stable 7th place right now.

Place 6 is only 121 downloads away (with the “Meizu Pro 5” at 2,122 downloads.)

##Let’s go for it !!
(click to get to Ubuntu Touch’s FP2-page with download links for Linux, Windows and Mac and lots more of information.)

And let’s even go for 2,500 and make it twice as much downloads as LineageOS. :wink:
I will definitely give it a try as soon as I have got a working FP2 again ;).

Thanx for your inspiration, as that’s a challenge based your idea in the linked LOS challenge thread. :slight_smile:
So let me just add the important links you posted over there:

Statistics from 2018-01-09 evening.

Thx @Stefan for starting this thread by splitting the other topic.

edit: just updated the numbers and the graphic. Will do so ever once in a while.

[details=Data"table" / History]:
2017-11-28: 1,191 (22,378 devices in total)
2017-11-30: 1,206 (22,771 devices in total)
2017-12-03: 1,240 (23,596 devices in total)
2017-12-04: 1,253 (23,922 devices in total)
2017-12-08: 1,315 (24,985 devices in total; 5.26%)
2017-12-15: 1,401 (26,380; 5.31%)
2017-12-16: 1,432 (26,851; 5.33%)
2017-12-18: 1,465 (27,320; 5.36%)
2017-12-21: 1,562 (28,851; 5.41%)
2017-12-24: 1,694 (30,708; 5.52%)
2017-12-28: 1,756 (31,996; 5.49%)
2018-01-05: 1,941 (34,555; 5.62%)
2018-01-06: 1,962 (34,932; 5.62%)
(Curve is going steep up!)[/details]


Cool, they update their stats page several times a day.

Gap to the “mako” (Nexus 4) is down to 8 :wink:


Here’s how the statistics are collected:

Time for another update already.
The target of 1,250 downloads up to this day (04 December 2017) obviously has been way to easy to reach. I have raised it therefore to 1,500.

Should the last 24 hours be representative, we will be there by X-mas (on New Year’s Eve latest).

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Within a week 86 up to more than 1,400 downloads in total.
Pretty awesome.
1,500 by x-mas is still possible.

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Quoting from https://twitter.com/NeoTheThird/status/941807636193955840

+++ Ubuntu Touch Service Tweet +++
We just pushed a new release candidate for OTA-3. Here’s the current progress: Ubuntu Touch · GitHub

If you’re running the RC channel, you can upgrade now.

Not the final version yet, still ironing out some kinks with the new fp2 camera.

The twitter character limit made me withhold some information there, so i expressed myself a little vaguely: The update does not include support for the new camera yet, but until Tuesday there will hopefully be a new version with the camera included.

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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Seems you are not the only one.
Just over night 31 new downloads!! Seems like many people get “the UbuntuTouch” for x-mas ;).
Simply WOW!
Had to update the graphics again.

2 posts were split to a new topic: How can I upgrade to latest ubports RC

Time for another update already; another 33 downloads up.
FP2 for the first time at 5.4 % share of all devices (up to now 5.2 or 5.3%).

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The target of 1,500 has been reached already!!
2017/12/21, 13:15.
So I have aimed a bit higher now. :wink:
Will be updating the graphics later.


Downloads may increase sharply this week, as the OTA-3 is soon released, today around 15h GMT! :smiley:


There you go!!
62 new downloads in the last 6.5 hours alone.

Wrong ;), on their page it says “Live” and today you really could watch the numbers increase every other minute.

Can’t wait for my holidays to join those number! :heart_eyes:

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There is a timestamp per hour in the line chart. :slight_smile:

That’s correct.
But the graphics are updated live. I had the page open and the numbers (total as well as pie-chart) increased with every reload (even just seconds apart).
The line-chart on the other hand seems to be based on hourly data.

Btw. right now 1,658 (5.5%) downloads for FP2.

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There has been another increase in downloads and FP2 is now on place 7 at 5.5% of all devices (140 downloads ahead of place 8 and just 118 behind place 6.
Unfortunately I will not be one of those in the near future, as my FP2 broke today (coloured-pixel display after dropping it :frowning: . Of course the disassemble, cleaning contacts, reassembling did not work out, and I tried often.
So I am back to FP1 now and have some more time of excited anticipation. :wink:


Last update from me for this year.
FP2 still at 5.5% in 7th place.
I now did format the former data as hidden.

Two more days and the next target will be reached already.
FP2 is gaining above average, as it’s share is at 5.6% already and the curve steeper than the one for all devices.
I added the percentage to the data table.

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9 to go… https://stats.ubports.com/




UbuntuTouch really seems to be a success.

I have updated the statistics and set a new target as well.
As I would not epect the release of another OTA in the next weeks, the next 500 might take some more time. than the last one, that took less than 3 weeks.