UBports download challenge (next target: 2,500!)

The thing with these numbers is that they basically count IP addresses, see UBPORTS Stats discussion in their forum.

So my single FP2 could count a couple of times: from home, work, mobile network, open WiFis. And maybe even a couple of times for each of above categories as I doubt I have a static IP in any of those networks :wink:
But then, a second FP2 user at work etc. wouldn’t be counted separately.

Another thing that would drive numbers up: changing the channel on an existing device would count against both channels.

Well, I knew that or at least suspected it, but it was fun to watch nevertheless. :wink:
Since two days I run into a 503 service unavailable error.
Might they be reprogramming their statistics to identifying the devices?
In that case, they should not go online with the statistics before the 16.04 release, as the numbers wont be worth mentioning until a few days after that update (just my guessing of course :wink: )

Edit: corrected the error message (it was 503, but not “bad gateway”)

In the UBPorts community update 22 around 1:00:00, the team is discussing the possibility to put back online the stats page, perhaps without the total number or rephrasing it as it’s inaccurate (not representative of the total number of devices)…


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