How can I upgrade to latest ubports RC

Maybe I’m not looking at the right place, but how do I upgrade to this latest RC? Can that be done OTA or do I need to run the installer over USB?

Sorry, but I am totally at a loss when it comes to technical questions like this one.
I am currently - so far in vain - to install UbuntuTouch an my new tablet.

Maybe you will find this ubports wiki helpful?
This wiki posting has a section “Switching channels on your Ubuntu Touch device”.

Otherwise maybe @NeoTheThird or @oli.sax can help you.
Probably the other ubports thread you are active in is mort on topic?

Some intermediate result: when I switched to the “devel” channel there was an update available. That was to ensure the updater doesn’t have a general problem, but I didn’t install it.


Hi @Ingo ! Indeed the channel switch is a good way to test the updater :slight_smile:
On which rc version are you currently? The last one is rc_version 17 (date 15/12/2017) according to

For my part I’m on stable so I’m waiting for the 21 december and the announced OTA-3 :smiley:

Note: remember that UbuntuTouch needs the UBPorts recovery to successfully perform updates. As I flashed TWRP I’ll have to re-flash the recovery before updating to OTA-3…

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I’m on RC version 16. And I’m pretty sure I saw during the initial install last week that the UBPorts recovery was used. I didn’t flash a different recovery afterwards so I assume it’s still there.

It’s not a big deal to wait for OTA-3. It’s just that we have an FP community meeting tomorrow where I wanted to demonstrate the system. And I thought it looks nicer if I run the latest and greatest version there is :wink:

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I cannot help you without testing it beforehand, but if you want a quick answer go to the UBPorts Telegram supergroup : they are open and really helpfull :slight_smile:

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But if I get that right from the directories for the 16.04 version - - there is not yet a rc but just a devel channel.

Presenting the developer version on a fairphoners-meeting seems a bit challenging to me. :wink:

16.04 is experimental and not yet supported, it’ll come after OTA-3: migration to Xenial is a huge challenge!

If @Ingo is on rc version16, then he’s with 15.04 Vivid ! He can update to rc version17 on-the-air once the updater detects the new version.
However for a test of the highly unstable Xenial 16.04, a full reinstallation is required.

Ah, ok, I see the difference. My mistake.
I guess I’ll still have some thorough research to do, when I am switching to UbuntuTouch by the end of this year.

Ah yeah, I see that this is a little ambiguous. Didn’t think of the 16.04 version :wink:

I actually meant the latest and greatest of the “branch” I’m using so far.

I think I’ll switch to stable tonight when I’m home and OTA-3 is released. Let’s see if it works :wink:

Slightly off-topic: I wanted to join the UBPorts Forum but I’m stuck with not receiving the email with the confirmation link. Re-sent the mail twice, but never got it. I even copy/pasted the email address from my forum profile there to check for any misspellings. The address is fine.

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