Troubleshooting Tool - Community Feedback needed

Hey Fairphoners!

We’re working on improving our customer support services online. We’ve recently launched a new troubleshooting tool as a trial and need some user feedback on it before moving forward with it.

The main goal with this tool is to have users helping themselves solving and diagnosing their issues. When needed, they’ll report it to us in a more complete form, so we can be faster helping them.

So please, give it a try, you can find it here:

Looking forward to your feedback!




I have one question and one suggestion: :slight_smile:

  • Why are there two articles?
  • There should be the option “Other”, which directly leads to the contact information / support form, IMO.
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Not a direct contradiction, but I was just about to suggest that the existing “other” in “calls” and “camera” should maybe not link directly to the contact information, but first ask to #disassemble and update. Whereas in some “display” cases (white spots and colored pixels) i think the instruction to update is redundant.

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I think it is hard to shoot a picture that documents a frozen screen (I guess only a video clip could do that), or am I missing the point here?


@Stefan thank you for your feedback!
About your question, Zendesk does not allow one article to be published in different areas, we need to repeat the articles if we want it to be available in more than 1 place.

For issues ‘other’ than calls, camera and display, we still want the users to consult the articles before raising it with us. The listed symptoms are not complete yet at this test phase.

@paulakreuzer thank you as well :slight_smile:
we will review the instructions for each case.

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@urs_lesse, thank you for pointing out. Instruction has been changed :slight_smile:

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thank you for your feedback!

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

About your question, Zendesk does not allow one article to be published in different areas, we need to repeat the articles if we want it to be available in more than 1 place.

So content-wise there is no difference between the two articles?

No, they are the same.

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Thanks for your response. I’m not sure, the size of video clips might be too big to submit one through the support form?

Can’t the information be filled in automatically?

When I click on the “Send us a support request” button, I get a blank support form.

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We are looking into that possibility, not sure yet if it’s doable within the systems we use.
If you have any example where this is possible, please share it with us so we can share with our developers :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Should be possible in an environment that is more libre… Fairphone should eventually ditch Zendesk and move to something more permissive… :wink:

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Thinking about it, you could add some queries to the URL:

and inject those into the subject field’s value tag using Javascript (Stackoverflow):

document.getElementById('request_subject').value = 'cracked display';

a) I would like to second Paul’s first suggestion to include module disassembly in the CALLS section before users are advised to request a replacement module. Disassembly should follow this screen if the chosen answer is “No”:

b) When I confirm (click at “Yes”) at the bottom here
(btw, I think the pictures need to be reversed left-right):

… I get this next:

So it says that if the proximity sensor is reporting the correct values, then the proximity sensor is not working correctly. If that’s the right conclusion, then I guess I am not the only person who felt confused. It might still be the right conclusion.


Hi @urs_lesse!

a) disassembly instructions added;
b) mention of the pictures corrected;
b1) when you confirm that the proximity sensor is reporting the correct values the next step is to recalibrate it again. It’s done so that you go back to that step, however the instructions become contradictory. I’ll adjust this.

Thank you very much for your help!


Hello fellow Fairphoners!

The troubleshooting tool is now finished!
We’ve listed the most common symptoms with which users come to us asking for support.

We invite you to have a look at the new symptoms and troubleshooting instructions. Please, give us any feedback you consider useful (typos, incongruences, anything missing or redundant…).

Note: we are still working on the possibility to have some details automatically filled in the contact form, when the user submits a support request.

Looking forward to your feedback!



Some questions/comments I have:

  • Is replacing reboot-causing slim cases without mentioning the button-switch-fix that afaik works every time really a good idea?
  • Why is there no option for Linux computers in Connectivity > Connecting to a computer?
  • Q: What problem do you have? A: Buttons Q: Does removing the back cover solve it? A: No -> Core module will be replaced. That sounds like a quick shot to me. At least I’d ask for a more detailed description in the support request than “Troubleshooting instructions diagnosed the buttons of the core module to be defective.” to avoid replacing working core modules out of misunderstandings e.g. menu/back/home softbutton-issues or “install” button not clickable while screen overlay is active.

In general I think a short problem description instead or additionally to the standard “Let’s see step-by-step how we can help you troubleshooting this problem.” would help to make sure you are at the right place within the tool and to avoid misunderstandings.

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Is replacing reboot-causing slim cases without mentioning the button-switch-fix that afaik works every time really a good idea?

Maybe Fairphone is still looking for samples of cases that trigger the reboots?

And well, I think while the button-switch-fix is a reliable help, it’s not an ideal solution. I think there is a reason why the power button and the camera button have completely different surfaces. Apart from that, I seem to remember that some folks reported the power button did not work reliably as a camera button.


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I noticed the troubleshooting pages on the proximity sensor don’t show any images. Since these pages are meant to help people solve their problems step-by-step, this could be somewhat disturbing for those who are not used to open their phone or use sensor-testing apps…

The pictures seem to be available in other troubleshooting guides, so I don’t really understand what the problem could be.

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