Troubleshooting Tool - Community Feedback needed

I just noticed a blind end.

Display -> screen scrolls or opens apps by itself -> No (removing screen didn’t help) -> No (updating didn’t help) ->

Now it ends with the touch and hold workaround and only the options to go back or restart. What if the workaround also didn’t help? I’m especially thinking about a screen failure (my water damaged screen has an extreme version this issue) and a static/battery issue.

Display > My Display has white spots or black stripes > only one picture is visible (left one is visible, right one is not)

In many places, the Troubleshooting Tool includes this video on module replacement that still includes the removal of an old regular case. I think this is a problem given that many FP2 users keep asking how to remove their slim case. This video might mislead them into applying a lot of force into a wrong method.


Hi Urs,

Thanks for spotting. For now we’ll need to leave it. We don’t have another similar video where we use a Slim cover.

However I’ll raise this internally to have a new video made featuring a Slim cover. In the mean time, I’ll also add a video with instructions on how to swap a regular case with the slim one. Hopefully users will find this when needed.


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Maybe in the meantime you could edit the explanation to the video linked by @urs_lesse, adding a tip, that the assembly / disassembly of the slim cover can be found here:
Assembling: Changing the Fairphone 2 case
Disassembling: Getting started with the Fairphone 2 slim case


Will do BertG. Thanks!


Hi @urs_lesse, @BertG

We’ve changed the instructions on how to remove the display module in the several nodes of the question tree related to the display module only.

We’ve opted for using the Changing the Fairphone 2 case video only, because the Getting started with the Fairphone 2 slim case does not show how to remove the black rim.

We still have to go through the other nodes with the video How to replace a module

Let me know if you have any feedback.

Thanks again!


Please add the required photo here (maybe it’s just a broken link):

Calls -> My display stays black … -> No -> Clean your display photo not displayed here

I think the photo is really indispensable here because to me it is not completely clear whether to clean the actual sensor itself or just the inside of the protective glass cover (in the display module).

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Hi Urs,

I do see the picture (see screenshot below).

Have you tried to clear cache? If it doesn’t help, please tell me if it happens with different browsers, devices, etc.


I also don’t see it. I see a small framed square and when I right click it I can choose “reload image”, but nothing happens. If I choose “show image” or “copy image location” I get:, but that just redirects to the main support page.

Clearing the cache didn’t help.
I’m on Ubuntu with Firefox 59.0.2.

I just tried it with Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on my Mac (desktop) and with Firefox on Windows 10 (tablet PC). The picture does not show in any of these.

Maybe the picture is set to be shown just in your Fairphone intranet?

Anyway, I know now that it’s the glass that is meant to be cleaned, not the sensor itself. :slight_smile:

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Looking at the page URL it redirects to, it seems the image is only shown when signed in to the shop.


I can report the same.
As @paulakreuzer already reported, displaying the image redirects to the main page and I would add it opens the log-in pop-up window to sign in. The url changes to this:
https: //

Judging by the “signing?” part of that URL it seems to require to be logged in, thus confirming the assumption by @urs_lesse that it’s accessibility is limited to the “intranet” only.


Thank you all for the feedback.
I see this is not the only image not being displayed:

  • Calls -> My display stays black … -> No -> Clean your display

  • Calls -> My display stays black … -> No -> No -> Test if your proximity sensor is working at all

  • Calls -> My display stays ON … -> No -> Clean your display

  • Calls -> My display stays ON … -> No -> No -> Test if your proximity sensor is working at all

  • Display -> My display has white spots…

I’m investigating and will update this topic once it’s fixed.


Hi All,

Issue seems to be solved. Images are visible to users that are not logged into the support pages.

Please let me know if you still experience issues.

Thanks again!


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