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“Our Goals”, “How we work” and “Blog” are like tabs and together they make up the “story” page. The the that’s open is bold.

I think it’s quite clear to check the blog if you are looking for past events, since that’s exactly what a blog shows.

PS: I moved our posts here as I think that’s where they fit better.

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Thanks for pointing that out - that was something I actually had missed so far - simply never noticed that the name of one of the sub sections was highlighted. And therefore did not understand that selecting “Story” displayed a preselected tab.

Not so sure whether that is clear to everybody. At least the way Fairphone use their blog is not according to my expectations regarding blogs. But that might well be related to me having little experience with blog-orientated web sites - typically I consume wikis, news pages and forums.

I think a blog serves two purposes:

  • dedicated spot for finding latest information published by the blogger
  • archiving previous blogs (usually unmodified, which eases citing by third parties. As an example it took me a while to realize that the fairphone-2-production-delivery-countdown/ was updated, because I only saw the initial date in the blog overview and did not expect the particular blog message to be updated.)

Under these assumptions however a blog would just be a time-oriented ordering of latest news - which sounds tedious for finding specific information. One feature however at the Fairphone blog that helps (and I only detected that feature now) is the categorizing of blog entries (“All”, “News”, “Product”…“Long lasting design” brought me pretty intuitively to the KitKat blog entry).

But what is even better than that grouping is what Fairphone do here by the time line: - however, here the link to the KitKat blog entry would be expected by me but is not there.

Hm…still think that one pretty much has to know his ways around the Fairphone pages. There could be more keywords (would really everybody conclude to search for software-related issues under the “Long lasting design”?), more short story entries linking to longer blog entries. And maybe even a little help how to use the pages - after all Fairphone seemed to think that walking visitors around was a good idea by writing the blog entry linked in the opener of this thread.


I absolutely agree. The website seems to be built for people who already know what they can find (they just need to find the right place of the information). If you’re looking for information because you don’t know the phone yet (so, you also don’t know what information you might find), you will miss a lot of information if you accidentally end up in the “wrong” section…


I noticed the whole website including the Support section looks generally revamped (“zendesk” has disappeared from the URL as well). While I guess you are still working on it, let me suggest keeping the step-by-step tutorials and also keeping them easily findable. Apart from offering easy visual help, they also provided a lot of German language help for those who don’t feel that well-versed in English.

P.S.: I think I overstated the “revamp” when apart from the Support section there’s just a different main photo on the start page :angel:


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I don’t know if you saw this little error

If you don’t close the welcome message, it will overlap with the title and the main menu, so I think with a z-index: 0 on #banner could work.

P.D.: I just realize the title logo it’s too big on mobile devices, so the login buttons are coming out (or maybe it’s just me)

All the best,


I think that the welcome banner is to be read and eventually clicked away. :wink: What keeps you from closing it?

Does anyone have a few minutes free to help us learn more about how you guys use the website?
I’m trying to evaluate a new mobile navigation we’re implementing to make the support section easier to access.
:smiley: Thanks


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Haven’t tried mobile yet, but I did run into another issue whilst on desktop: search from the main support page ( is semi-broken. Typing something (e.g. tantalum) into the search bar shows some suggestions (as expected), but clicking the blue “view more results” button gives me a 403 response (not expected).

Edit: mistyped the error, should be 403 - Forbidden.

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I’ve emailed support about the disappearance of the tutorials by now (ten days ago), but no feedback yet. Has anyone heard anything?

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The red area leads to the link below, although it’s above the grey line.

Still happening, and can easily be solved by removing the padding from the CSS:

.topic-list .main-link a.title {
    padding: 15px 0;
    word-break: break-word;

Edit: Or set it to 9px 0 to preserve UX on touch devices.

I found an error on underneath the “Technical Specifications” section.

This is actually the chipset of the FP1 :sweat_smile:


I can’t order anything because instead of the screen where I can select a shipping method I see this:

I just checked and this problem does not occur for me (settings: German / Germany).

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Thanks, now I figured out the problem: The cart warns you if you try to order more than one FP1 battery or more than 2 FP2 batteries, but it doesn’t tell you that you can’t order more than 2 batteries in total.


I found a problem/bug with the forum: if there are too many keywords, these overlap the text in the replies:
This topic has 4 keywords:

They overwrite the topic when scrolling.

Duplicate of this and related to this. It should get fixed during the next forum overhaul though (I can’t say when this will be).

I just checked the Fairphone Events page. The events are not listed in chronological order. Why are the Austrians #austrianfairphoners 2.12.) mentioned BEFORE the Stuttgarters #stuttgart (05.12.)??? Is this favoritism? :wink: :wink:

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It’s a bit of a mess in many ways (at least in Firefox 57), I certainly would not suspect favoritism though. Other earlier events show up “later”, too.

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