Transitioning from FP2 to FP4


Yes it is however what I mean is just for f-droid, i.e. adding more apps to it by adding repos a I dont see why this App should not work with Calyx

Doing all this now as Fairphone4 has already arrived! Can I ask about how you backed up your SMS messages @MrsLuddite - did you have a special backup app on your FP2?
Thanks so much, Andrea

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I’ve created SMS backups with this app when switching from a different device in the past. Wasn’t an FP2, but that shouldn’t really matter.


@AndreaStC - I used the same app as AndreasChris used for my SMS. I installed that app on FP2.

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Great, will try this now :smiley: Thankyou @MrsLuddite & @AndreasChris

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A thousand thanks! :heart_eyes: You just helped me to get probably the final migration task done that was lingering undone since I replaced my FP1U by my FP3+ two and a half years ago.

Finally all my FP1U SMSes are on my FP3+. I had to install an old version of the app you suggested (version: SMS Backup & Restore 8.20.27) on my FP1U to be able to install it though, but fortunately that prove easy.

Now, in theory I could now send in my FP1U, but … I don’t think my heart will allow that. :blush:

Thanks again!


Just trying to set up my new FP4 now but I can’t seem to fit the SIM card from my FP2 into the FP4 - do I need to get a new SIM card for the FP4? The one from the FP2 seems too big!?

Yes, indeed. The FP4 needs a nano Sim, your FP2 used micro SIMs.

Has your micro SIM a “seam” that looks like it is meant for prying out a smaller part of the SIM so that it would be “downsized”? If it doesn’t have anything like that, some have resorted to cutting it down or letting a repair shop do that with appropriate tools (I had the latter done, but the SIM didn’t last more than six months after that). But the safest way is to get the SIM replaced by a new nano SIM by your provider.


Yes, I’ve been able to downsize it very easily! And it’s now slotted in - thank you Urs!

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The App QKSMS allows to back-up and is available on F-Droid, maybe moving foward easier then having 2 Apps, one to send SMS and one to back-up and Google Tracker free…

This rings a bell.
It might be easier to just use the App proposed here in this topic, but in case a user uses MyPhoneExplorer already anyway, it could be used for transferring SMS, too, here’s how … Wie SMS vom FP 1 zum FP 3 übertragen? How to transfer SMS from FP 1 to FP 3? - #3 by AnotherElk

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Believe me, I’ve still got a blue bookmark icon on that reply of yours from November 2019. :blush:

@AndreaStC As you mentioned your city in your first post, just a suggestion – this might be interesting for you: Fairphone community in Scotland? (not much networking activity yet, but you never know when something starts to move).

@yvmuell The main challenge was to find an app still capable of running on the FP1 Android 4.2.2, perhaps with some more searching I would have found such a version of QKSMS, too.

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Therefore I wrote this😉

My /e/OS default messages app allows backups, so I guess there is no need to drop it. Not planning to re-migrate SMS to the FP1U.

Update: The /e/OS default messages app might even be a fork of QKSMS.

It is.

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Good thing I’ve first used this app to migrate away from my old Galaxy S II from the pre-fairphone days. xD

I seem to have successfully transitioned from my FP2 in that I’m now happily doing all I was doing before on my new FP4 :smile:

I’ve still to do whatever I need to do to make use of 5G and also getting used to differences, some of which may be software related as ofcourse I was coming from an older OS version.

Just want to say thank you so very much everyone for helping me through this transition so straightforwardly. I do rely on my phone for work communications so it was especially important not to have a gap in service. And I have time to get comfortable with my new phone before travelling to Canada in early October.

I so appreciate all your help and comments.
Warmest regards


Reminds me I think I still have my FP1 - my son used it for a while after I’d moved to FP2 but I must still have it. @urs_lesse D’you think FairPhone could still make use of it? I know it’s not valued at anything (I did check their valuing thing) but if it could be recycled…, or maybe a charity recycling program would be just as good?

Meantime, my son is already using my FP2 whilst he gets a repair done to his Samsung :smile:

And I’m going to order a new SIM anyway so if something went wrong with FP4 and I had to revert to FP2, I could activate the new SIM and do that. There was that moment the other day of: OK no going back now :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much Urs, I’ll check that out :smile: