Transitioning from FP2 to FP4


Hi all, I’ve been a FP2 user for 5 years and a FP1 user before that and am now looking to buy a Fairphone 4.

Anyone else who has transitioned from a Fairphone 2 to a Fairphone 4:

~ was it a straightforward changeover?

~ is there anything it would help me to know in advance?

~ do I need to buy a new charger + cable because of the USB type C port in the Fairphone 4?

Any thoughts or advice on these questions or anything else I may not have thought of would be much appreciated.

With thanks, Andrea

(in Edinburgh, Scotland - in case anyone is nearby :))


Just in case you are not aware: Fairphone is about to present a new product next wednesday:

You might want to wait with your decision just a few more days until Fairphone will present this.


I would add that even if you decide to go for FP4 - purchasing it by the end of 2023 would still give you a 5 year extended warranty - chances are that there might be some price deduction after the launch. Unless you want to use the free earbuds promotion - that is due to finish next week I guess.

Btw, has the similar thing happened to FP3+? did it get a reduced price in 2021?


Other than the occasional, temporary “50€ off” promo, there was no general price cut to the FP3 nor to the FP3+ when/after the FP4 was launched (only a small one sometime after the launch of the FP3+). It was quite different when the FP2 was phased out: Originally priced at around 520-530€, its price later got slashed to 400€ or even lower later to clear out remaining stock (and once it was sold out there were several months before the FP3 became available).


I’d managed to miss this news - thanks so much for letting me know! :smile:

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Yes, was thinking that buying the FP4 before the end of the year would be well worthwhile to get the 5 year warranty :smiley:
But I’ll probably wait now til next Wednesday to get the updated picture & to see if there might be a price reduction in FP4…

Thanks so much, Andrea


You’ll definitely need a new cable if you don’t have one with a type C port yet. The charger you can probably reuse if it allows to change cables. It might not be able to quick charge the FP4 but that really depends on what charger it is.


REALLY helpful to know, as there seem to be quite a few changes in terms of accessories from the FP2. I could’ve ended up ordering a phone and been unable to charge it etc!

Do I also have to include in my order an audio jack if I want to use wired headphones?

Thanks so much, Andrea

Greetings, Andrea. I too converted in the spring when the software was no longer being supported. It was dead easy! Just do it. I didn’t buy a cable as I managed to find one lying around. If not, there are kind and generous people on this forum who may offer you one.
The transition was seamless with clear and easy instructions to get started. The battery is so efficient, I can go a week without charging. the camera facility is brilliant but a learning process. Use the forum to get your answers.
Hope this helps, Cheryl (from just across the border :yum:)


While the exact specifications of the device to come are not definitely known yet, I think it can be ruled out with near certainty that it would have an audio jack again.

So this is the accessory you will need:


There are adapters.
Magnetic ones, even, if the port is very mainly used for charging and there’s no need to plug in different equipment all the time (e.g. USB OTG stuff or an audio adapter).

In case of reusing the existing cable(s) with an adapter, it would depend on the cable(s) and the adapter, too.

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Warm wave across the border to you Cheryl & great to know you’ve made the transition so smoothly!
So, you’d a USB type C cable lying around? - they must’ve been around longer than I thought… but of course, the FP4 is already 2 years old!

And charging once a week!!! I sometimes charge my FP2 multiple times per day now :rofl:


Thanks so much. And I take it this is what I’d need for the Fairphone 4 as well?

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I specifically made the transition from my FP2 to a FP4 and it went with ease (same manufacturer but preferred to use /e/ OS from then). It has no influence in warranty coverage if self-flashed or as Murena purchase.

The new experience for me was just as interesting and intuitive as with my first FP2.
In case you are keeping two SIM cards atm. you will have to “replace” at least one with a modern eSIM
which FP4 will handle. It’s rather a question if your actual provider offer eSIMs as not all do to date.
See here a list which providers by now have been tested with the FP4.
Getting an eSIM to work (if compatible) to me doesn’t look like a challenge and I think everyone can get it accomplished.

The idea of Type-C plug and charging was to (in best case waste reduction) have only one max. 2 charger/cable (per household/individual) for all devices keeping a Type-C plug. Many notebooks stay stationary powered until being traveled with, so the second for true mobile handsets.
Yes there is a difference in charge speed if the cable or charger cannot deliver, hence negotiate high speed charging with the attached device.
But as real scenario, let’s say you keep a portable computer, notebook, tabled etc. in your household with USB-C charger and cable - then use it. It’s just that simple meanwhile.
With quick charge you may full charge the FP4 battery within 1 hour. Without quick charge it may take 2-3 hours.
Using my FP4 every day, I cannot complaint in any way© (pun not intended :wink:). Somehow I have the impression reading through this forum with stock Android there are still some software troubles I don’t experience with /e/ OS. But this doesn’t mean a thing as it was similar with my FP2 on Android.
Updates are coming in regular terms and I never had one that broke something but rather fixed or advanced things.
Still there’s not the FP4 but two models with different memory and internal storage capacities.
So this also makes a price difference you may want to consider in your decision. Atm. they are treated both equally by the manufacturer, no one can tell if some day one version will be preferred over the other depending on updates or so.
Who knows, maybe soon you’ll decide for the upcoming FP5 model.
Good luck with your decision.


i would love to know how you only charge weekly. i have just bought the 4 and have to charge daily. is it that i use whatsapp a lot or is my battery not up to scratch

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I think once per week is only possible when you dont use it much. When you use it thats just not possible and I guess most people charge daily. The more screen on time you have, the more often you have to charge.


phewww… i thought i was doing something wrong for a moment. thanks you angel

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Thanks so much for all this Patrick.

I only have one SIM with my FP2… I’ll look into the SIM card situation with my provider, GiffGaff (who use the O2 network).

Good to hear you’ve had such a smooth time with your FP4, as I’m definitely keeping that option open. I had wondered about the 2 models with their different memory and internal storage capacities & perhaps tomorrow’s announcement may make it clearer if one will be the preferred route going forward. Can I ask which model you chose & why? (Though you do sound as if you have more technical knowledge than me for sure!)
Many thanks, Andrea

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If you’re interested, information about the new FP5 has already been leaked here and here (both in german) and is being discussed in this thread.


You are welcome!
I have chosen for the “big” model as requirements for resources usually increase within time.
There’s nothing afterwards that could be changed or modified on the hardware side. No adding more RAM or internal storage. Some apps won’t install or work properly with external storage (SD Card)
So to have all options for later I have chosen this model.
With USB-C it could also be used as stand alone computer (a docking station easily can be connected which some users and me have tested already).
In case I should ever sell it some day maybe it’s a bit more valued than the “smaller” model.
As it’s an open system users may “thinker” with, e.g. flash other operating system I maybe at some point benefit from the extended resources, specifically RAM.

If your use case is rather basic with main focus on phoning, social media, browsing your might go well with the smaller version. But it could turn out in some years when wanting to resell that it’s not so preferred, just speculating though.
The extra SD slot does give some value if needing space for more data e.g. offline music/video or any other data.
There are just a fraction of apps wanting to run on internal storage. Maybe gamers come to space limits in this concern.
For specific reasons that often cause trouble, SD cards should be formatted as external/portable storage. There are many posts here of users having done different and faced problems after some time.
So that way no more apps can use this extra space for installation should internal storage be filled.
Regards Patrick