List of compatible and incompatible eSIM operators/networks for FP4


  • This wiki is just a list by FP4 users.
  • It is there to share experience with the eSIM feature on different operators.
  • It is nothing official by Fairphone.
  • Fairphone does not offer SIMs and/or eSIMs.

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The FP4 is the first Fairphone with eSIM support. This has lead to various questions and issues in the past.
A common problem: Many mobile network operators do not explicitly list Fairphone devices as compatible with their eSIM service and their support often does not know any more details, either. This is probably because the product is too rare for them to bother. On the other hand eSIM is a standard and as such one should expect it to work with the FP4 in general.
Additionally, in some countries eSIM seems to be (almost) generally unavailable with any operator.
This list is supposed to make it easier for new users to figure out what they can expect from their operator, if a FP4 even makes sense for them and if they might have to switch operators to use eSIM in the first place.

This is a wiki, so please edit it with the green pencil above to add your eSIM experiences. It would be best to keep an alphabetical order of countries and operators; so feel free to add your entry in the right place of an existing list, just add your country if it’s missing.

Example for an Entry:

  • Operator A: operates their own network, charges 15€ for eSIM, not officially supported, available exclusively via online support request, also available for prepaid

Operators offering eSIMs that work with FP4

:austria: Austria

  • HoT (Hofer Telekom): Virtual operator (uses the Magenta/Telekom and some of the Drei network). Switching from physical SIM to eSIM is easily possible via their customer web portal. Activation codes arrived immediately as pdf attachment via e-mail. Works flawlessly to date.

:belgium: Belgium

  • Orange: switch to eSIM for free, through a shop or through the app (tested)

:bulgaria: Bulgaria

:czech_republic: Czech Republic

:denmark: Denmark

:finland: Finland

:fr: France

  • Orange: eSIMs compatible with FP4 available, also sells Fairphones. Charges 10€ to convert a physical SIM to an eSIM (done online, in your account, takes about 2’).

:de: Germany

  • Congstar: switch to eSIM for free, operates on the T-Mobile network, not officially supported, available via online customer support, also available for prepaid
  • PremiumSim: switch from existing SIM to eSIM for 15€, operates on O2/Drillisch network, not officially supported, available via online self-service
  • sipgate: free eSIM / phone number for inbound calls, data and outbound calls can be purchased on top
  • simplytel/smartmobil: switch from SIM to eSIM for 15€, customer support may issue a free eSIM on request if your SIM is outdated, operates on O2/Drillisch, working flawlessly (with /e/ OS too @Patrick1 )
  • Vodafone Red Business: switch to eSIM for free; available via online customer portal
  • WeTell testing the eSIM since 02.02.2023 (not for the “smallest” rate ; update 13.02.2023: works flawless so far @ElKrasso
  • Freenet free eSIM right from the start, works flawlessly

:greece: Greece

:hungary: Hungary

:ireland: Ireland

:it: Italy

  • Iliad: switch to eSIM for free. Officially supported. Available via customer account settings, on the online personal area. Scopri la eSIM - iliad
  • Very mobile: MVNO (Wind 3), charges 1,99 € for eSIM new number, not officially supported, available exclusively via online support request, also available for prepaid

:netherlands: Netherlands

  • Simyo: switch to eSIM for free, operates on the KPN-network, officially supported, available via online customer support, also available for prepaid.
  • Vodafone NL: switch to eSIM for free, operates on the Vodafone NL network, subscription available online, prepaid only available at the Vodafone store.

:poland: Poland

:portugal: Portugal

:es: Spain

  • Pepephone: free of charge, Pepephone is part of the MÁSMÓVIL Group and operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), with coverage both in Spain and the rest of the world thanks to the Yoigo network. [:es: sin costes, Pepephone forma parte del Grupo MÁSMÓVIL y funciona como operador móvil virtual (OMV), con cobertura tanto en España como en el resto del mundo gracias a la red Yoigo.]

:sweden: Sweden

  • 3: Is available to any phone plan, can be acquired by logging into your account on their website/app in the phone plan details page.
  • Comviq: Confirmed working on 16 Dec 2022.
    • Update April-23: All plans now deliver eSIM “online” or “on paper”
      • Online needs an account, and delivers QR-code within 15min
      • Offline sends QR-code to your registered home address in Sweden.
      • No cost applied so far
  • Note to All plans in Sweden: All plans (especially pre-paid) needs “registration”
    • Meaning: you need to prove your identity

:uk: UK

  • O2 Confirmed working on 16 Aug 2022. For pay-monthly plans only, 12 month contract minimum. After receiving a regular SIM, you can obtain an eSIM QR code from an O2 shop or call 202 to have them send you one by post free of charge.

:ukraine: Ukraine

:us: US

travel eSIMs

  • Yesim (FP4 is listed as compatible device on the home page and overall the statement is “its working on all devices with eSIM technology”. Works fine in Canada on the FP5)
  • GlobaleSIM
  • Airalo (tested successfully 2022-07, another user tested unsuccessfully 2022-03)
  • Yoho Mobile (tested with “Asia eSIM” June 2023) (details)
  • tested on two different FP4 2023-08, 5G/LTE service in large parts of the US

Operators offering eSIMs that DO NOT work with FP4

:ukraine: Ukraine

  • Kyivstar: The operator will allow you to switch to eSim, but the eSim will fail to download to your FP4. You can get a replacement physical SIM at an operator’s service center using the standard SIM recovery procedure. (Tested in April 2023).

Operators that do not offer eSIM at this time (please add the date for reference as this might still improve in the future)

:belgium: Belgium

  • Carrefour Mobile: from an email received on 23/03/2022 : :fr: “Nous ne prenons pas en charge les eSIM actuellement, uniquement les cartes SIM physiques. Il n’est pas non plus prévu à court terme de prendre en charge les cartes SIM virtuelles à court terme.” [:uk: They only offer physical SIM at this time and do not plan to change that in the near future.]

:de: Germany:

  • Blau (O²) up to date (03/2023) does not offer eSIMs @Patrick1

:uk: UK

  • Giffgaff (9 aug 2022) Daily questions on their community forums met with negative answer. Network operator O2 allegedly only permits eSIM for “pay monthly” customers, not for pay-as-you-go or rolling contracts.
  • Three (9 aug 2022) “We recently offered eSIMs as part of a trial. While we’re working on offering eSIMs again soon, we’re currently only able to replace them for trial participants.”
  • Virgin Mobile (20 jun 2022) Since merging with O2 there’s no longer support for eSIM for new customers. Network operator O2 allegedly only permits eSIM for “pay monthly” customers, not for pay-as-you-go or rolling contracts.