Too fast display timeout


This is an FP2 issue with the latest FPOOS installed.

This has been discussed earlier, but because those discussions timed out, I cannot add anything.

One or two years ago my FP2 battery was worn out. Before I got a new one, I deliberately maxed out all powersaving options, and since then after 30 seconds or so the display dims and blacks out.

What was a good idea then is now a nuisance, and I cannot get rid of it. All settings above 30 seconds are ignored.

I read the comments to disable the system variable for it as a root command, but how do I issue those? I know how to use a bash in a Linux environement etc. But switching root mode (in dev options) does not give me root priviledges in Termux (the terminal app I got here).

When I issue a “su” in Termux, my FP simply reboots (nothing bad happens, it just reboots).

How do I get a root console?

Btw, the security warnings I have read, but I think the danger can be lessened if the given tip is extended by first printing out the current value of the this variable (and written on a piece of paper), so the value can be reverted it not the desired effects happen…


Its always helpful to link the closed topics you have seen.

So are you talking about this from 2016?

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Regarding root on FP2 you might have a look at this (old) guide…:

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