[SOLVED] Display sleep timeout is limited to 30 seconds

I have had the same issue (display timeout is max 30sec, any higher value has no effect) with a freshly installed FP Open OS and I was able to fix it (took me some time to dive into that … bug?).

What happes is that the setting “screen_off_timeout” (thats the variable you can modify using android settings dialog) is set correctly to e.g. 1800000 (that is 30min) BUT there is another value in androids config-datbase called “sleep_timeout”. That “sleep_timeout” is afaik “-1” on most androids which means unlimited if I remember right. Unfortunately FP Open OS seems to have a hardcoded default here which is set to 30000 (30sec) and there is NO option in the settings-app to change that.

If you look at that code-example, you see that this value will always win if you set something higher than 30sec in your settings app (so one cant go higher then 30sec in FP Open OS):

    if (sleepTimeout >= 0) {
        timeout = Math.min(timeout, sleepTimeout);

My fix is: As root (!) you modify the sleep_timeout in the config-database to “-1” by entering that in a shell directly on your phone (as root):

settings put secure sleep_timeout -1

NOTE: Modifying the config-db directly is dangerous and can break your phone - but I assume a FP Open OS user is aware of that. :wink:

PS: That app might help to read out ALL settings (only read, no write):