Third-party Fairphone 1 cases (eg flip, folio, etc)

Somewhat related to Will standard Fairphone cases be available soon?:

which doesn’t inspire confidence! Most of these are cheap enough to perhaps be worth taking a risk, but it seems somewhat wasteful to buy something that may be unsuitable. Plus a lovely phone deserves a lovely case of course! :smiley:

I ask because with my FP hopefully arriving soon, I was hoping to pick up a case that protects the screen- I currently have a vertical flip case that closes magnetically which I like; but I’ve also seen the ‘folio’ cases which tend to be horizontal and can fit some cash notes / cards and the like. There are a couple of support threads about it. From the second thread, there is an old ‘official answer’ from the second thread is

Sorry we can’t offer a different one from the one in our webshop in
December. We should re-open the shop around the 1st week of February
with the option to buy this case then.[/quote]

I’m not sure but based on what @anon90052001 said it seems that there were plans for a flip case perhaps?

TL,DR version is that there are two choices of official case type (colours and embellishments notwithstanding!), and it would be good to hear what experiences and recommendations people have when buying third party ones.




I have a good hint for bags:

Very good quality, handmade and affordable.

They ship to most of the EU countries.



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@bertieb, @anon90052001’s response relates to the original FP case and not a flip case. The shop was reopened when FP received another batch of the original bllue/black cases. As far as I understand there are no plans for a flipcase.

@stojmas, that’s a good shout! They do look to be good quality :smile:

That clears thing up a bit @Chris_R, thanks! I took ‘this case’ to refer to the flip one being inquired about.

It would be great if there was a third party flip or folio case made especially for the Fairphone; but I guess another option would be to modify a regular or 3d case to include a hinged flap secured either with a pop-button or magnet. Unfortunately my craftsmanship is not of the highest quality!

They are! I had one for my Nexus 4 and it was great.

Going to buy one for my new Fairphone soon. :smile:




my FP1U has’t arrived until now but I hope it will come within the next weeks. So I looked for cases these days and found these cases witch seem to be made specially for FairPhones. Unfortunately there are no flip cases :(.

But maybe someone likes them.

Those cases look good too @Shiny, thanks for pointing them out! There’s clearly a number of enterprising individuals out there making cases specifically for the Fairphone, so I’m holding out hope that someone will spot the gap in the market and do a flip or folio case :smiley:

I am desesperately looking for a flipcase too

On the old forum, one user (adamedia) mentionned and presented some pictures of his case and phone

He chosed a folio cover Krussel for Sony Xperia Z1
(dimension wikipedia)
144 mm (5.7 in) H
74 mm (2.9 in) W
8.5 mm (0.33 in) D

An other one was happy with a case for
HTC One mini (size wikipedia)
132 mm (5.2 in) H
63.2 mm (2.49 in) W
9.3 mm (0.37 in) D

Someone mentioned
ChangHong V9 aka HONphone V9
123 mm
64.2 mm
9.8 mm

Close you also have the Samsung
Galaxy S4 mini
124.6 mm (4.91 in) H
61.3 mm (2.41 in) W
8.9 mm (0.35 in) D
(Camera lens however not aligned with the one of Fairphone)

By the way the spec of the Fairphone are (source wikipedia)
126.0 mm (4.96 in) H
63.5 mm (2.50 in) W
10 mm (0.39 in) D
(a CAD file is also available for 3D printing:

Edit: still on the old forum Aurora has provided a link to look for mobile phone by dimensions
GSMarc Model Finder
She pointed two cases which should fit, except for the camera cut-out.


Found a leather case from a Swedish company (Saddler), tailored to fit iPhone 5 but easily ‘converted’ to fit my FP:

I just attached two strips of velcro to FP’s original rubber casing:

And voilà:


@kgha Do you know if this case is available somewhere in the internet?
Can’t vouch for shipping conditions, though, but I would be surprised if they can’t deliver to another EU country.
SEK100 ~ €10, so they aren’t cheap. But of course one’s FP deserves the best :wink:

Flip cases, side-hinged, cheapo:

I just found this surely-too-cheap-to-be-good side-flipper - does anyone have any experience of it?

There’s also this generic one on German eBay and a different style on UK eBay sold by “tomy80lan” (which I can’t link to due to arbitrary “new users can only post 2 links” rule) - could possibly cut hole(s) in the back for the camera etc?

Also, I’ve always used a strap/lanyard for drop-proofing/theft-proofing my soon-to-be-replaced-with-a-Fairphone old Samsung Galaxy Ace - I’ve always assumed fittings for these were standard on smartphones but now coming to suspect maybe not. Does the Fairphone have a hole & peg or similar to allow fixing a strap/lanyard, or will I have to try to make a hole or something in whatever 3rd party case I buy to protect it?


Hi @AlexD,

the Fairphone itself doesn’t have a hole/peg to fix a lanyard to. (Double checked on my own phone, nope couldn’t find any… ) So I guess you’d have to make a hole in your case then.

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Hey all. I was browsing around and found these beautiful cases on Etsy. They’re handmade in Germany, and they ship worldwide. I think I’m gonna get one myself!

The northern german company Waterkant offers also Fairphone woolfelt and/or leather cases:

(I bought the Deichkoenig woolfelt-bag for Fairphone in grey/white and i’m happy with it)

Hello :slight_smile:

I just have my FP2 since one week and I’m looking for something to protect it.
I was very interested by the Waterkant woolfelt sleeve, or another one, but I have a question : does the FP + case (one of the 2 officials I mean) fits into the sleeve ?
“official case” is great I think to protect the FP from falls, but do not protect it when the FP is in a bag.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @Bifidusse,

I own a Waterkant Deichkoenig case but no Bumper. The Faiphone is pretty tight in the case but it is made from felt so it should be possible to stretch it. I can’t say how good a Fairphone without a bumper will fit after doing it.

So you might give it a shot.


Thank you Shiny ! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll try the Waterkant, but I’ll also try to attach a strap on the FP (on the back, at the bottom, there’s something like a grid, I guess it’s the speaker), to secure it when I’m holding it. This kind of strap is very useful when I use my camera (you know, the sort of camera you don’t know where to put your fingers on it because of its size). Using the waterkant, I could see if a bumper case will fit if I find the “strapped” FP not easy to use :wink:

Hi @Bifidusse,
are you sure there’s actually space available to put a string through? Cause when I look really closely at it, it looks like there’s no hole, but the entire ‘middle-brige’ is solid until it touches the mesh-fabric that’s covering the speaker below. Sorry I don’t know the proper terms for the parts!