Will standard Fairphone cases be available soon?

I wanted to order a standard case (I am not particularly fond of the 3D cases) together with my Fairphone but both black and blue cases are sold out. Any idea when these will be available again?
It’s a pitty that I cannot get it together with my order although I understand you must have a lot of demand by now.

@nfdemiranda, I’m sure they will update the information on the cases in the shop as and when they have stock available.

@marco, is there currently an ETA for this?

@Chris_R thanks for the info!
Considering we are ordering new fairphones, I think it would be logical that we would be allowed to pre order our cases, even if sold out, and get their delivery free. But I might be highly biased by a customer perspective :wink:

Aaand, they’re back in store. Only 3 days after I ordered my Fairphone… sigh.

Right now, the black standard case is sold out again, whereas the blue one is currently available.

Q: Will the black case be available again any time soon? If so, I’ll wait and order then; if not, I might order the blue one immediately.

OK, sorry, I just saw the notification field and signed up. I take that as a sign that the black case will return to the shop sooner or later.